How to break bad habits with the unlimited power of the mind

The human being has infinite powers but only 10% of the total capacity is used. The power to create new and exciting experiences in our life, to break bad habits or to be successful can be achieved by changing the way you think and take advantage of the unlimited power of our mind.

We have the capacity to achieve everything we want in life, but not many of us have the motivation to fight for it, or simply the will to focus long enough in the things we need to do, to get what we want. If you do not think this is possible; then think for a few minutes: how did we get to the moon? How is it possible that airplanes can fly? How can some people speak 4 or 5 different languages?

Many people have created themselves: wealth, power, inner peace, even beauty, just to name a few. Everything that you wish, you can achieve by believing in yourself. The mind creates everything you see, feel, know, it destroys bad memories and create good ones; so why don’t you use your own mind to reach your goals?

Many of us are unable to concentrate long enough to produce satisfactory results without realising that by learning how to utilise your mind, you can aim higher and aspire for more. The method is simple: you need to practice and practice the techniques needed to produce the results you want in all areas of your life.


Behavioural changes

How many times have you tried to break bad habits and after several attempts, you just "throw the towel" and give up?

How often have you said you want to change a behavior, and the difficulty of accepting to change is greater than the hope for a better life?

They are just examples to prove that your mind controls you, instead of you controlling your mind. Always remember that you are the operator of your mind. Your senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) help you to develop impressions of your surrounding and you are the one who decide to accept or deny those impressions; if you are eating a rotten fruit you have the control to stop eating it. When you accept a new thought, learn something new, entertain a new idea or see a new image, your brain cells are creating new connections that did not exist before and now work in connection with that idea.

There are billions of brain cells in your minds without any content; they are just waiting for you to fill it with information and knowledge; that is why you always hear that we only use less than 10% of our brain capacity. Your mind and brain have been shaped throughout the years according to the concepts and ideas which they associate or identify but it is your decision the kind of association you want them to have… You are creating your mind on a daily basis.


How to Create New Habits

If you want to change bad habits and improve your results, then obviously you have to change your thinking and by changing your thinking you change the activities of your brain cells: Your mind! Always be careful when deciding what to accept on your mind as this is a reflection of your current reality.


1)     Choose the habits you want to create: for example, if you are studying for your college degree, you know you will have to put some effort and study a few hours a day; why don’t you create the habit of studying first thing in the morning, when your brain is refreshed?


2)      Benefits and rewards: By changing your behaviour and acquiring new talents or habits you will get some benefits; continuing with the college degree example: you know that after completing your studies, you will have a good job, make money and go on many holidays. This is the kind of positive message that your subconscious is expecting to accept and make this new habit part of the program that will be running your life; try to think on at least 2 benefits when you feel down.


3)      Pay the asking price: Creating a new habit has a price; you need to accept it as part of the learning process and continue to focus on the benefits. In order to pass an exam you need to dedicate 4 or 5 hours of study, even more, but at the end of this period, you know that the new habit will be yours: you will pass the exam and finish your college degree.


In order to achieve success, prosperity and abundance you need to understand that we are creatures of habits; you are the programmer of your life and habits, once you accept this role, then you will feel in control; always use the conscious mind to cultivate and grow good habits.