The sign of Scorpio symbolizes many things. As an animal, it is shown as the deadly scorpion or the powerful eagle. The sign itself symbolizes sex and death. Indeed the Scorpio is a sign of extremes, even though it is usually hidden underneath their hard exterior and calm demeanor. Underneath the surface, Scorpio has a mass of bubbling emotions, ready to spout out the surface at any given moment, just like a volcano. This is one of the reasons that Scorpio is perceived to be so unstable, but in reality, those emotions that surface have usually been kept covered up for a very long time; such is the unpredictability of Scorpio.

However, their cool demeanor hides not only their fierce emotions, but also their vulnerability. You see, Scorpio is one of the most emotionally unstable signs in the zodiac, and to be "emotionally stressed" for a Scorpio usually means "unbearable emotional pain" for any other sign. As a result, Scorpio must shield its interior in order to protect itself from being hurt by others.

Scorpios are also known for their intense focus and dedication to whatever they put their mind to. If they don't find something to occupy their obsessive nature, the scorpion can quickly turn towards a more deadly outlet, including drug, alcohol, sex and/or gambling addictions, extreme violent behaviour or serious, depressing thoughts that could even lead to suicide. On the other hand however, if the powerful concentration of the Scorpio is harnessed properly, they have the potential for sheer genius.

In addition to their intense concentration, Scorpios are also known for their penetrating gaze. In fact, most of the other zodiac signs cannot withstand their gaze (especially for prolonged periods of time) because they feel naked in front of the Scorpio. And indeed, Scorpio possesses the power to see right through people and expose them for who they really are with only a few, cutting words. Scorpio is usually very quiet, but if need be, will sting its opponents until they can no longer get up and fight; whether this be verbally or physically. The scorpion will fight for what they believe in, to protect their loved ones and to preserve their dignity without a second thought. And when they are determined, you should save face by just backing off because they certainly won't.

The last thing that Scorpios are legendary for is their sex drive. Living up true to the symbol of their sign, there is no passion like the passion of a Scorpio. Many signs cannot get used to the intensity of the scorpions raw urges. And indeed, they are quite primal.

In conclusion, only get involved with a Scorpio if you think you can handle the complicated creature within. They are certainly not all brute force and penetrating knowledge; they protect their inner selves from the public, but once they find that one person for them, Scorpios can connect with them on such a level that it would be devastatingly heart-wrenching if broken. They would easily give their life to save their partner's, and they are loyal lovers to the end.

Thus ends the infobarrel of the primitive, mysterious Scorpio.