Life is always seen as a complex array of actions which lead to consequences resulting in that which we want to expect out of it. To see the truth behind these statements, you simply need to examine your life and understand the choices that you make when you live each day.

Each day we make different choices which have different consequences to the lifestyle we choose to live. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur, yet you keep thinking of wanting to work, your choice to be an entrepreneur will be overshadowed by the emotion of wanting to get a job.

In most cases, living life simply means taking the leap of faith and hoping for the best. Most of us doubt ourselves simply because sometimes, we do not understand what criteria's need to be installed within our lives before we take the leap of faith.

This simple rule of thumb applies no matter how you view your life. Through living our lives, we need to first understand that we are made perfect and if we do not take the leap of faith, we will simply never learn to believe in our abilities. The certain fears that are deep within us have put us in a position where we are uncertain of that which is happening tomorrow, however, fearing it will only lead to the consequence whereby it actually happens in our lives. How many times have something happened in your life during the time that you feared it the most?

At all times, if we want something, we simply need to go ahead and do it, allowing the rest of the situation to fix itself. Think of the first time you wanted to ride a bicycle. Do you remember how difficult it was? However, you didn't stop when you fell the first time didn't you. Thus, imagine if we allow ourselves to simply take the leap of faith. Imagine if we allow ourselves to fail, and learn from our failures. What do you think will happen?

We will only get better.

The problem with us is that we never take the time to do this, or let ourselves fail and learn. We fear that when we fail, we'll lose a certain credibility that we have built and in the long run, it will ruin our reputation. However, who builds this reputation?

A better reputation for yourself can only be built by losing the one that you have in the past. No one can build a better reputation for himself without risking the ones that he has with him now. In most cases, it's when you lose it that you get stronger and are able to correct the judgment of others who try to judge you based on the temporary standards they see you live. What this means is that in the long run, we simply have to choose for ourselves what we want and what we hope to achieve out of life.

Thus, if we hope to achieve greatness, we need to just go out and get it. There is no one who's going to stop you from this. Achieving greatness is a matter of perfecting the imperfect and understanding the laws behind what is and what has been. It's about doing and not thinking. It's about letting go of yourself and being what you want to be.

When you find this freedom for yourself, you will realize that life is not as complex as its meant to be and everything you desire will be brought to you on a silver platter; however, until that moment comes, just keep on seeking, learning and dreaming of what you want out of life.