Interwoven Concept

Man has been given the great power to dominate. We've the privilege to move and make a difference. Man has the most influential position because we're created to think and move. We're always on the go laboring for food, money and shelter. Man is a creature of movement. An inactive person is as good as a dead person.

Look at all the creatures on planet earth, they are in constant state of movement. Name it, the rivers, sea, animals are moving. If you can't move, you can't initiate. If you can't initiate you can't innovate. If you can't innovate, you ca't create and if you're not creating then you can't dominate.

Homo sapiens are said to be like water because we migrate from one continent to another.

When you're progressive, you'll initiate. When you accomplish a project, it means that you experience a forward progression. You become more successful the moment you start moving forward and towards a worthwhile goal. However, have you noticed in any aspect of your life that when you reffuse to try and move, you remain stagnant and therefore redundant.

Have you seen an African palm wine tapper.? When he climbs the tree he's expecting to find palm wine. As he climbs everyday, he becomes successful when he discovers fresh new wine. If he misses a whole day, the wine dries up and he only finds the dregs which are the sediments of palm wine.

The palm wine is at its best when it has fermented. For fermentation to take place, the wine must be preserved. Fermentation can't take place if the wine is left on the tree. The wine tapper must move up the tree and bring the wine down. What I'm trying to point out is the importance of moving towards a set goal.The awesome creator of the earth never stops moving. Movement is reflection of HIS character. Movement implies activity. It's like the gear of a car. You start off on the first gear and gradually accelerate by shifting to the next second gear. As you increase your speed, you go to the fouth and fifth gear. All the gear levels are very important.

Human beings were created to ascend. An upward movement means advancement. On the same vein, lack of movement will create stagnation. Non-living objects lack the qualities of living things. Inanimate objects lack quality and vitality. You're are creature of purpose and not an inanimate object.



I saw a disabled woman who had been bedridden for years. Although she was alive but she looked dead. She couldn't move, talk and eat by herself. Neither could she go to the toilet on her own. She required help from people to do this daily activity. Her condition moved me because of her predicament and inability. It actually made me weep because she was alive but looked dead. Her condition made her to shrivel up in wrinkles. Her body and bed was covered in sores and excreta because she defecated on the bed.

 This woman's position is likened to a person who refuses to get up, move and do something about their life. When a person is inactive, what it actually portrays is that you lifeless, soulless and spiritless. It means the person is robbed the opportunity to make a difference in life.

 If your reaching the next level requires your moving from another job, environment or country, you must not become stagnant. Moving forward to the next goal could lead to your miracle and breakthrough. Remember the Israelites, they were commanded constantly to go forward until they reached the land of Canaan.

On a final note, it's frustrating to allow life to just pass by until every opportunity is utilised and all is over.