Teenagers might not make a huge deal out of partying with friends and drinking some alcohol. Some teens even think of this as fun and harmless drinking. With that said, teen binge drinking is one of the most prevalent problems in today's society. This is because more and more teenagers rely on alcohol in dealing with their problems and frustration. In addition, alcohol can make them vulnerable to legal problems and troubles.

Binge Drinking: Why Teens Do It

Underage binge drinking must not be an ordinary part of growing up. This is a serious and persistent problem that can put adolescents' lives and communities in danger. Although teens believe that drinking alcohol with friends will make them look cool, the truth is that underage drinking can lead to sexual assault, juvenile crimes, injury, and poor academic performance. Other consequences of binge drinking may include:

  • Brain damage
  • Impair intellectual development
  • Health problems
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Violence
  • Traffic accidents

Despite these consequences, many teenagers still drink when they are out partying with family and friends. So why do they drink?

  • Family Problems: The teen might have a problem at home and he doesn't want to come home; thus, he spends more time with his friends. In some cases, he might drown his problems and troubles in alcohol.

  • Anger and Frustration: Aside from personal and family problems, some teens also drink because alcohol allows them to be very violent. When these teens drink, they might get involved in a brawl and end up with assault and battery charges. These teens want to be able to express their anger and frustration about certain things and alcohol gives them a perfect excuse to lose themselves.

  • Alcohol Tolerance: The brain of a maturing young adult allows them to consume much more alcohol than adults before they start to experience the negative consequences of drinking, including the lack of coordination and hangover effects. This level of alcohol tolerance may explain why young adults binge drink. Since they are unable to feel the effects sooner, they end up drinking more.

Legal Consequences Of Underage Drinking

When a teen is arrested for Underage Drinking, he might face any of the following legal consequences.

  1. Driver's License Suspension: If it is the teen's first arrest, his driver's license might get suspended for at least 3 months. If it is his second conviction, his driver's license might get suspended for a year. If the teen is convicted but he doesn't have a license, he will be prohibited from applying a learner's permit for a certain period of time.

  2. Hefty Fines: Once the teen is convicted for underage drinking, he will need to pay a fine of $300 in addition to the $1200 administrative costs.

  3. Parents are notified: If the arrested teen is under the age of 18, his parents or guardians will be notified. The parents can consult an agent who specializes in offering bail bonds to keep their children out of jail.

  4. Jail Sentence: In extremely rare cases, the teen might face at least 90 days in prison.

These are just a few of the legal consequences of teen binge drinking. Parents must be able to talk with their young adults and let them know the dangers of alcohol, how it may affect their health, and increase their risk of getting arrested. No Second Link