A poison is seeping into the youth of this generation, and this poison that is plaguing the minds of the adolescent is known as cynicism.  The world as a whole is seeing one of the worst econonic period of all time, people are losing their homes, jobs, even their families as the divorce rate is sky rocketing.  The entertainment industry continues to display celebrities as these unrealistic models for a man or women.  Crime has grown greater than ever, jobs are becoming impossible to obtain and even more striking is keeping one, minumum wage is stagnant while prices of everything run amok, war has been continuous for several years, terrorism is still a huge threat, and the light at the end of the tunnel continues to be unreachable despite all the effors thrown forward by humanity.  

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In a society that seems to be moving forward it seems like emotionally we are only moving down.  Technology is supposed to enhance our lives along with all the other knick knacks Americans and most the inhabitants of the world relish but it seems like things are only getting worse.  Not only is cynicsim effecting the young, it is effecting everyone.

The problems of being cynical are that instead of moving forward or even against the tide, you merely stand and let the waves hit you or you move down with the waves.  Cynicism is best described as a black spiral.  It starts with one thought, i can not make a difference, and from there everything else comes apart at the hinges.  All though at times it may seem Earth is coming apart at the seems it is important to keep your head above the current.  It is equally important to ensure that your friends, family and spouses keeping from sinking as well.

The biggest sign of someone who has let go is someone who has turned to the many vices of our society, such as drugs, alcohol, and many other things.  These things although allow a temporary escape from problems and the huge wave of darkness that is looming ahead, these are all an exxcuse to not move forward.  It is important to develop string self esteem and love for oneself other wise you will not be strong enough to move forward and will make excuses.  Excuses are the strongest factor that make cynicism into a problem.  A cynical person through several ways will make excuses to avoid facing the tide.  These excuses can be drugs, alcohol, simply giving up, not trying, even a sarcastic joke that they can not achieve what they want.  It is important to remeber anything can be achieved but only with an optimistic attitude.  

Stay positive because many people are exceeding in the world, but these people have not allowed themselves to be effected by the dark times.  They continue to move forward because they tell themselves they can move forward.  This strength and confidence comes from a good center of self esteem, read my article on a Guide to being Charismatic for a few good tips on building self esteem.  Stay positive and never stop from moving forward, once you stop you allow the wave to carry you with it down.