Individuals buy gourmet cookies for a number of reasons; adolescence memories, a way to relax, a reward or simply because they have a sweet tooth. Regardless of the intention, cookies have been and always will be the go to treat when craving comfort food.

At Schmerty's Cookies, we go through a carefully thought out procedure so each customer has a unforgettable encounter each and every time they stroll through our entrance.

It starts with the ingredients. We use all pure kosher ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. Our Rabbi is similar to the health department for the kosher population. We have surprise appearances just like the health department. He looks at all our ingredients to make sure they comply with the kosher standards he represents.

The sequence of each ingredient being blended is very important to the result of both the appearance and taste of each of cookie. Right after the dough is created, we then hand scoop it into dough balls for instant or near future utilization. This in our view is what gives each gourmet cookie its homemade look and no two cookies will look exactly the same. Sort of like a snowflake.

Dough balls that are instantly used are placed on a sheet pan and pressed down slightly to help it spread out throughout baking. Once this is finished, we put additional goodies on top to make the gourmet cookies look even more scrumptious. For instance, if our white chip macadamia nut dough balls do not display enough white chips and macadamia nuts, we add more. Now they are all ready to be cooked. Depending on the number of trays cooking and the flavor, this determines the cooking time. Our goal is for the cookies to bake to a golden brown. Once they are done cooking, each tray is then put on a cooling rack. They need 10-15 minutes to cool before they can be placed on exhibit for selling or packaging.

While the cookies are baking and cooling, the entire store smells of heavenly yummyness. Customers walk in and inform us they can smell the awesome aroma of gourmet goodness from down the street. We display our gourmet cookies in a beautiful and scrumptious manner inside a bakery case. After all, they are the first thing people see as they walk into our shop. When featuring 16 gourmet flavors as we do, it can be a little too much the first time you step into our store, so customer service is extremely important. This is why our associates are always ready, willing and able to assist with any questions. What is most satisfying is when a customer bites into one of our tasty gourmet cookies and a big smile comes over her face. That makes all the tough work well worth it!

As you can see there is definitely a method to our cookie madness. occasionally the procedure gets monotonous, but it is very rewarding to see all our difficult work make people happy, even if it is for just a temporary moment in time. Please stop by and say hello, if you are ever in Santa Monica.