The Process of Designing Your Boys First Birthday Photo Invitations (31116)

A year has passed since you child's birth and an amazing birthday party for him beckons. If you want your child's birthday party to be a success, the invitations is where the game begins. Following the current trend, photo invitations will be the best. In this post, we will take a look at what you need in order to make your boy's first birthday photo invitations look great.

One thing that is sure is that you are never out of options when choosing photo invitations. You may in face find a dizzying number of options for invitations designs. To know which of these designs would be the best for the occasion, you'll need to decide on a few things first. The theme of the party one of the important aspects of the party since the design will follow the theme.

Parties theme on dinosaurs are children's favorite these days. If you want a simpler option, you can go with the ever present farm animals. These are very simple for your child to understand at this young age of 1. If this is your chosen theme, for example, you can combine your child's photos with some farm animal images or stickers to design the photo invitation.

Next in line is the all-important photo that you are ultimately going to use in the final template of the photo invitation. You could call in a photographer to get this job done. This is a good option if you don't have many good photos of your child and want to have a very cute face in a good mood. The photographer, if he is experienced with child's photos will get the perfect mood in the photo.

If you do have many photos of your child, then the recommended option is to use one of those for your boy's first birthday photo invitations. It is far better to choose a photo from the ones you have personally taken since they are very natural and don't need your to cajole your son to give the perfect expression just for a photo.

If you have zeroed in on a perfect photo of your son for the invitation, the next job is to use invitation designing software to complete the template for printing out. For this job, you can use anything from MS Publisher to Apple Pages, depending on the computer you use. The software will be able to help you pick up a good design and also rotate the photos for choosing on the fly.

Good software that is specifically made for designing invitations will also help you out with the wordings for the invitations. With the help of a few keywords provided by you, the software will be able to give you suitable wordings for final printing. If you feel pressed for time, you can also get a professional to design the photo invitations for you.

You can either treat the process of making your boy's first birthday photo invitations as a challenge or as fun. Either way, it is a very special event in your child's life and it can be nothing but exciting for your whole family.