The Prodigy

Who is The Prodigy?

Have you ever heard of the dance music group The Prodigy? You probably have heard their music, just never heard of who they are. The Prodigy has offered tons of revolutionary sounds and beats to the music and movie industries and has a large repertoire of songs that have made it to the big screen and the small screen. They are similar in structure and sound to Fatboy Slim or the Chemical Brothers and offer intense beats, bass drop lines, and electronic dance songs that give any party life and excitement.

Music Style

The Prodigy draws its influence and style from various backgrounds such as trance, techno, and rave. The have a unique mix of these and more music genres to create a new breed of "Big Beat" style music. They are extremely popular all over the world, and have sold millions of CD's and soundtracks. I think that their style is really influential which is why movies and shows are attracted to them and used their music and style to give an edge to their soundtracks. In today's music world you need to be either extremely talented to thrive in a music genre or you can create your own unique style and work on that and The Prodigy works on both of these categories to make a powerful blend of trance, rock rave, and techno.

Movie recognition and appearances

The Prodigy's music has made its way into numerous movies including The Matrix, Tokyo Drift, and Spawn to name just a few of many. Their music consists of great fast paced beats for action movies, and yet also such eloquent beautiful slow electronic synthesized beats for those slower paced movies. The Prodigy has made a name for themselves in the movie business and many people don't know about them, but have certainly heard their music. One of their most famous songs in movies and shows is called "Voodoo People" which you can easily find on youtube. The tune is great for action scenes and thriller types, as most of their songs are arranged.

Their influential albums

If you are looking for a complete list and discography of their albums you can do a Google or Wikipedia search, but I wanted to talk about how powerful their albums were. My most favorite one was their 1994 release called Music for the Jilted Generation. Their prime song called "Voodoo People" made headlines and airwaves all over the world. Many youtube videos and anime AMV's used this one song alone millions of times and it's influence gained ground very quickly. Their song called "Their Law" was my personal favorite, combining the power of the electric grunge guitar and classic Prodigy techno beat style. Their album "The Fat of the Land" was extremely popular but contained a song or two that was very controversial which hurt their sales a lot as word got out about them. Their newest album "Invaders must die" continues to expound on their talents of redefining the genre and industry with new powerful beats and electronic effects never heard before.

Continued success

Even today The Prodigy is around making more music and albums, and continuing their influence in the movie and film industry. Keep an eye on them as they continue to push their songs in our favorite shows, as their music makes for a really wild ride and keeps things fresh. If you haven't listened to The Prodigy before and you are into techno or rave style music then please give them a look as their style of music ranges greatly across multiple genre platforms so there's a little of everything for everyone.