The advancements in cancer treatment have brought many oral chemotherapy treatments that are just as effective as other methods of delivery. These medications can come in the form of liquids, capsules and tablets. Even though there are oral medications for the treatment of cancer, many chemotherapy medications cannot be taken orally. They must be taken intravenously because of the danger involved in ingesting the medication orally.

However, the advancement of these medications makes it possible for some of your treatment to be done at home. You will still suffer the same side effects as the intravenous version of the drug because they must go through the entire body to kill the cancer cells and healthy cells will still be affected.

It will still be necessary for you to visit with your doctor while you are taking these medications. In fact, you should be closely monitored to be sure that the treatment is effective. Your blood will be checked and scans will be done to be sure that you are progressing according to the treatment plan. This will also let the doctors know if your dosage needs to be changed or a different treatment plan is called for. It is very important that you follow the instructions that your health care providers give you when you are taking oral chemotherapy.

Because of the side effects that can happen when you are on chemotherapy, you might begin to feel too sick to take your medication. It is important that you let your health care provider know about these kinds of problems. There might be some medication that can help with your nausea or abdominal problems. If it becomes too much of a problem for you to stick with the dosing schedule you might have to begin chemotherapy intravenously.

Your doctor should give you all of the information that you need to take oral chemotherapy. They will let you know about any side effects that you can expect and which ones will require you to call the doctor. The success of the treatment will depend on you paying attention to your health and letting the doctor know immediately if there are any problems with your treatment.

Oral chemotherapy is a great advancement and can make things a great deal easier for the cancer patient. With this advancement come responsibilities on the part of the patient. They must be vigilant in taking care of their medication and make certain that they stick with the schedule that has been planned by the doctor. If you are to succeed with oral chemotherapy you will need to take the responsibility for your treatment into your own hands.