Lanyards are the cords that are worn around the neck used to carry pouches containing valuable documents such as identity accreditations. They are most commonly seen while viewing events such as the Olympic Games or other events that has access restricted in certain areas. The lanyards around the neck are a handy way of displaying those documents at all time while still keeping the hands free to perform other tasks.

Lanyards have become increasingly prominent in all aspects of daily life with some people wearing their keys or mobile phones attached to custom lanyards hanging around their necks.

The next step in the manufacture of lanyards was to have them custom made with company logos printed on them or made in specific colors. The materials used to make some custom lanyards can also be ordered. The various materials available in which custom lanyards are made include:

  • woven polyester lanyards
  • nylon lanyards
  • tube lanyards

Woven lanyards are most commonly seen on the football field around the neck of the referee with a whistle attached to the end. Woven lanyards are also durable enough to last through daily wear and the imprint that can be placed upon it will maintain its fresh appearance.

Nylon lanyards are the common type of lanyards that are used to carry ID cards. These types of lanyards often sport the company logo or identifying words come in whatever color you require. These types of lanyards are very similar to the polyester lanyards except that they are a shinier material and so the imprinted material stands out more.

Tube lanyards are often used to hang sunglasses around the neck. The tube design fits neatly over the arms of the sunglasses for a convenient method of keeping them out of harm's way. Tube lanyards are versatile enough for other uses such as carrying mobile phones. These are the budget priced lanyards that are constructed from loosely stitched polyester.

All custom lanyards are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses giving you the freedom to choose something that looks distinctive in its own right. Buying lanyards in bulk greatly reduces the cost which will also lower the business' promotional costs.

Custom lanyards are a terrific way to get a company's name noticed, particularly when they bear a logo or catchphrase. The idea is catching on with an increasing number of companies to use lanyards as part of their promotional giveaway material when hitting the exhibition and show scenes.

Because the lanyard is being more widely used, whenever someone has one on hand it's likely that it will be put to use promoting the company's name and logo to an ever widening audience.