Diving WatchFor divers who don't use a scuba diving computer for the management of their nitrogen levels, will need dive tables to keep track of the time spent underwater. To use dive tables, you must turn select from the many good diving watches on the market, to help you keep track of the time you spend underwater. If you don't know the difference between dive watches and a normal mens sports watch, then you should note that there are two things that set it apart. The most obvious is that it features greater water resistance, the other is the inclusion of a uni-directional rotating bezel positioned on the outside of the watch dial.

Water Resistance

Genuine dive watches for men are put through a series of tests to conform with the ISO 6424 international standard. One of the fundamental tests includes pressure testing at depth. When buying a diving watch you should look out for a depth rating lower than the depth you intend to dive to. Consider the depth rating the depth that the diving watch will fail, so if you're intending to dive to 100 meters, you should search for a dive watch that is rated to 200 meters or deeper. Take note that simple waterproof watches do not use the same rating system as diving watches. Normal watches can be used in the shower or to watch the dishes with and even light swimming, but they are NOT guaranteed to stand up to the increased pressure under water and will probably leak if you try diving with them.

Adjustable Bezel

The rotating bezel feature of a diving watch features a pointer indicator that allows you to align the bezel with the minute hand at the exact time that you start your dive. For safety reasons, the bezel will only move in one direction, to ensure that you do not accidentally bump it in the direction that makes it appear that you have been diving for less time than you actually have. Good diving watches have clear dial faces that are easy to read and make it clear just exactly how long you have spent underwater.

While good diving watches can be more expensive than regular sports watches, a diving watch is subjected to a thorough and rigorous testing process that ensures that will operate safely and consistently in the harsh environment of sea water. The extra price you pay for a diving mens sports watch, guarantees a more robust and higher quality timepiece, that will last a lot longer than you can expect with a regular sports watch. Many diving watches are also extremely fashionable items and can be worn while you are wearing it out as easily as it can be worn under water.