Writing a diary can be very beneficial to a person; however, it also has negatives that should be considered during the process of deciding whether to write a diary or not. Before purchasing a diary, people should consider these pros and cons.


When writing a diary, the writer is able to process thoughts and feelings during an emotional or thought-provoking time. Because of this, the person might be able to work out those thoughts and feelings better. The person would have a better grip on what to do and how to act.

Also when writing a diary, the writer has an opportunity share what has happened. Some people do not trust others to share some of their deepest secrets, fears, and dreams with other people. The diary can act as a friend in that way. The diary will not tell anyone.

When a diary has been completed, the person has a number of experiences, emotions, and thoughts that are physically recorded. A person might have forgotten so many of these experiences, emotions, and thoughts if they were not written down. That person can look back ten years later and remember everything that happened.

A diary can also provide a person with many experiences writing. It is an opportunity to practice language. One who is studying a foreign language might consider writing the diary in the foreign language. In that way, the person has an opportunity to write down thoughts and feelings, practice their language skills, and see the improvements that have been made.


There is nothing worse than looking back at an uncompleted diary, a diary that was begun but never finished. Writing a diary takes a lot of motivation and dedication. Sometimes it is difficult to remember writing in a diary when the diary has first begun. Sometimes it is hard to write feelings or thoughts in the first place. Sometimes one just does not know what to say in a diary.

Thoughts and feelings change so often. A person might have written something in the diary that later comes back to haunt him/her. The person might look back on that diary with regret. Some experiences or feelings are better forgotten.

A major fear about writing a diary is that someone will find the diary and read the diary. Because one's deepest secrets, fears, and dreams are often recorded in a diary, it can be extremely embarrassing to have someone else read that diary. A diary is a very personal item and it can be nerve-wracking to think about someone else reading thoughts and feelings.