Tag, You're It!

Tagging your blog content tends to be something that is easily overlooked, especially if bloggers are using keywords for SEO (search engine optimization.) You may be asking, "Why do I need tags if I already have keywords?" Both are very different and each serves its own purpose.  

Tagging helps you organize your blogs thematically. Because of this, your posts are much easier to find for your blog readers. Not only that, but it helps the blogger remember when they are looking for old content. Blog content is usually organized by date. Though you may remember the date you wrote that post about why others should use social media to grow their business, your readers haven't a clue. With organized content by subject, your readers can quickly find what they are looking for. 

Let's use an example. If you are writing about Steve Jobs resigning as CEO of Apple, some applicable tags would be Apple, Steve Jobs, and Silicone Valley. 

Depending on the blog software you use, your tags will either be labeled "tag" or "label". Tags are created inside the blog post. For example, in the Wordpress blogging platform, the tag box is located on the right side, directly under the categories section. Simply select your tags, click add, and you are done. 

Bloggers have the option to allow the readers to see each tag located somewhere within the post, usually on the bottom, again, depending on the blog platform. When your readers type in a tagged word, all posts with that word will show up. Be as specific as possible with your tags, but don't do too much. Keep as specific as possible. If you are using the tag Steve Jobs, you don't need to use the tag Apple CEO.

Tags may not be as powerful as SEO keywords, but they can still have an advantage to making your content higher in the rankings. For example, if you have a lot of links pointing to your posts that say, "Steve Jobs," the search engine will assume, rightly so, that the post is probably about Steve Jobs. The more of these types of links pointing to your posts, the greater your chances of ranking well for related keyword searches. Improving your visibility in results for similar searches by simply tagging content is pain-free and no extra time is required, as you have the ability to tag while you are writing your content.