Carports are in use all over. Whether it is to make up for the fact that there is no garage on the property to covering that weekend project car you are restoring, these are handy pieces of equipment. There are some drawbacks however.

The main drawback is that a standard carport has open sides. This lets blowing debris in and driving snow or rain but for the most part these are great protection. There are models on the market that come with sides that can be easily installed to alleviate this problem.

Should you choose to enclose the sides and you still get too many leaves or dirt blowing in, then you may choose to enclose the back and put a door on the front. Well now you have a garage! There are building kits that let you erect your own garage, but be sure to check about local building permits and ordinances for this before buying.

Most areas do not require a permit for a metal carport as it is considered a temporary structure, although it is secured to the ground or the poles actually sunk in cement. These are not difficult to assemble and with a little help, are up in no time at all. The most difficult part is placing the sheets of roofing material on top to be fastened down.

If you live in a calm area as far as the weather is concerned, then a carport is a good alternative to the standard full sized garage. In severe weather areas, such as ones that are prone to high winds, you will need to get a carport that is specifically constructed to withstand these types of conditions and be sure to check for a guarantee as well.

There are many types and styles available to choose from. Open ones and even kits with siding material can be found. Choosing the right carport for your needs and for the area you live in should be just as easy as putting it up.