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Today, various car manufacturers compete for customers following one of the latest trends in the car industry, hybrid SUVs or sports utility vehicles. What is a hybrid SUV? These are type of cars wherein two kinds of engines working collectively are present. These are a basic gas powered engine and an electric motor engine powered by a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery pack. So in layman’s term the car uses the mixture of traditional gas powered technology and electrical technology.

Hybrid SUVs both offer advantages and disadvantages. So if you are considering buying one, you need to weigh the pros and cons first.

Advantages of hybrid SUV

Hybrid SUVs are created to be more environmentally friendly because of the clamors of environmental problems, especially on car pollution that we hear about these days. These hybrid SUVs feature magnificent fuel combustion and filters exhaust fumes, making the whole process cleaner than other petrol or diesel engine vehicles. These cars have state of the art batteries as well, which can be used and recharged during braking. This prevents the emission of carbon monoxide for used batteries. Hybrid SUVs also do not have polluted fumes coming out of their exhaust pipes.

Hybrid SUVs are also cost efficient because they consume a lesser amount of gasoline as compared to ordinary cars since these SUVs are powered both by gas and electric technology. With a hybrid SUV, a vehicle owner can be able to drive extended mileage with just one single tank of gas. Saving fuel of course saves money too. When you consider the fact that gas prices are skyrocketing, driving hybrid SUVs would definitely be a cost efficient choice.

Another advantage which hybrid SUVs offer is that these offer larger passenger and compartment space than regular sized cars. You can more transport people and things inside the vehicle because of its larger frame. The size also provides greater safety and protection from accidents on the road.

Disadvantages of hybrid SUV

But if there are advantages, there are also disadvantages associated with hybrid SUVs. One of which includes the fact that this car costs more than a regular car. Due to amazing features which hybrid SUVs provide, they are more expensive than regular vehicles and even other SUVs.

The hybrid technology is also new in the car industry, thus, hybrid SUVs are built with more intricate parts. Not all automotive professionals and mechanics are equipped with the knowledge to repair or maintain such vehicles and not all parts as well as accessories can be easily acquired as well.

Hybrid SUVs save more gas when driven in traffic clad areas than when used in open roads. So if you are using this car in an open highway, you can’t feel the cost efficiency of the gas consumption anymore. This is because a hybrid car will automatically power off when you brake and then power back on again when the car moves. So in heavy traffic areas where you find yourself always hitting the brakes because of traffic, it can actually save you gas mileage but if used on open highways where you rarely use the car’s brake system, it doesn’t help lower your gas consumption that much.

With the pros and cons of buying hybrid SUVs discussed in this article, you can now figure out if this type of vehicle is best for you or not.