This article is for those of you who have questions about Debtors Anonymous and Credit Anonymous. Now a few thousand people were searching last month for Credit Anonymous, and this author has never heard of this program before.

We will therefore focus on Debtors Anonymous, at least for now since this is a very popular program for those of you who may be in trouble with debt.

Debtors Anonymous is a 12 Step Program for people who have debt and credit problems believe that their lives have become unmanageable because of their out of control spending and accumulation of debt.

If you are looking for Debtors Anonymous, you may have a problem with consumer debt because you are buying things for emotional reasons, thinking that it is making you feel good.

You are technically running up debt on your credit cards with out of control spending as a way to make yourself feel better and self-soothe.

With Debtors Anonymous, accumulating debt and maxing out your credit cards is seen as an addiction. According to Debtors Anonymous, you are powerless over your addiction and will need to turn your will and your life over to a higher power to help solve your debt problems.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of Debtors and Credit Anonymous that may help you decide whether or not this program can help you with your debt and credit problems.

Cons of Debtors Anonymous

1. In Debtors Anonymous, you are never recovered from your addiction. You are only "in recovery" and you will be expected to attend meetings for the rest of your life.

2. Your debts problems are seen as a disease. The 12 Step Recovery model believes in the disease concept and your addiction to debt will be labeled a disease.

3. "Powerless "is not easy to accept for anyone. You have to admit powerlessness over debt as you recover from you debt issues. This can also create a victim mentality and a lack of personal responsibility.

4. You have to turn your will over to a higher power, as you understand him or her. Many individuals are not willing to turn responsibility over to another power outside them.

5. The success rate for Debtors Anonymous and other 12 Step Meetings is very low, and well under 10 percent.

6. You will be expected to go to 90 meetings in 90 days at the beginning, which is a lot to expect for people who have busy lives and families to take care of.

7. You are told that the only way you can solve your debt addiction and problems with debt is through the 12 Steps and in no other way can you get better.

Pros of Debtors Anonymous

1. You will not feel so alone with your debt addiction, and will realize that others have similar debt problems to you. You will hear stories about debt that are similar to your own.

2. You will build a sense of community, caring, and sharing with others who care about your welfare and want to see you conquer your debts problem.

3. You will understand more about your addiction to debt and how it is affecting your life in a negative way.

4. You will learn solutions to get out of debt, stay out of debt, and manage your credit and debt addiction.

5. You will be accountable not only to yourself but to the group as well for your actions.

It is hoped that this review of the pros and cons of Debtors Anonymous and Credit Anonymous will help you to decide how to find solutions to your debt problems.

As stated before, Credit Anonymous may exist, however, I have not seen a group as such at this time, and may just be a term that is search for in the search engines.

Many people need help for their credit and debt problems, and some of you may have a genuine addiction to debt and credit.

There are many debt recovery solutions that are available if you have problems with debt, and it would be a good idea to research these options that are available to you.

Best of luck with your efforts in helping yourself recover from debt, and enjoy a life filled with health and abundance.