Why Join Infobarrel?

Infobarrel is one the best revenue sharing sites to earn money on. While it will take lots of work, time, and patients, it will be worth it when you begin to see the money pour in your account. On Infobarrel you create little articles about random topics. It could be a "how to" article such as how to ride a bike. You could also create an article that helps people or gives them advice. Creating lists for things helps people too, such as a list of steps for creating a party or a list of things to do in a specific vacation spot.


Infobarrel has many good things about it that separates it from other similar sites such as squidoo and hub pages. Some of the pros of Infobarrel are:

  1. High cut of revenue: This is by far the best thing about infobarrel. When you work on Infobarrel, you get 75-90% of all ad revenue. Info barrel is one of the most generous sites out there. What other websites give you more than half of the total revenue. Similar websites only give 50-60% of all ad revenue.
  2. Getting 10 articles approved before automatic posting: On Infobarrel you have to get 10 approved articles before your articles are posted immediately. This might sound like a bad thing but it helps keep away spammers, only allows quality articles on Infobarrel, and helps keep the site in order. Overall, this will help info barrel gain popularity which will make your articles more popular. This benefits you because you'll get more views, more ad clicks, and more money.
  3. An easy payment system: Starting soon, Infobarrel will combine Chitika and AdSense ads into one system. In this new system, everyone will be able to get paid by Infobarrel directly. This is great because other sites make you sign up for different accounts and many people have trouble signing up for AdSense.
  4. Great referral program: Although you only make 2% off referral earnings it does add up. If a referral earns $1,000 you get $20 just for signing them up under your name. The best part is, there is no limit on how long you can earn for. Some sites only let you earn up to a certain amount of time or money, not Infobarrel!
  5. Word counter: Info barrel has a word counter that counts your words. This is very handy and not every article writing website offers this.
  6. Great spell/grammar check: Infobarrel's spelling and grammar check is very advanced. Instead of just checking the spelling and spacing, it checks if a word is out of place, if a word is too complex and an easier word should be used, if you're using passive voice, if there are unnecessary words in a sentence, etc. This is very handy for new writers who aren't the best at writing.
  7. Keyword density tool: Some people hate this but the keyword density tool keeps your article from becoming too repetitive, which will make readers bored of your article. Who wants to read an article that has the same words in every sentence?
  8. Contests: The contests on Infobarrel are wonderful. It is relatively easy to win a contest. If you win you will get a free amazon gift card. The contests are also easy to rank high in. All you need to do is write a few articles per day and you'll be ranking high in the contests.
  9. Nice staff & members: On Infobarrel, staff are nice and help you. The staff will also tell you while your article was declined which is very helpful. The members will help you by offering to read your articles, leaving comments, and helping you in the forums.
  10. Passive Income: Last but not least, Infobarrel is passive income. What does this mean for you? While your friends are working at jobs, getting paid only once for the time they work, you will get paid forever on an article you've written unless the internet or Infobarrel shuts down, which is highly unlikely. This means that one single article could earn you a few hundred dollars during the rest of your life if we go by the assumption that you'll make $0.50 per month per article for the rest of your life. This is the best gift that Info barrel could ever offer.


I'd hate to say it, but not every website is perfect. While Info barrel has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages.

  1. You need to come up with new ideas: If you want to keep making articles then you'll need to come up with new ideas everyday. In the beginning, it is relatively easy to come up with new ideas. Unfortunately, after a while it will get harder to write about stuff you know as most of it has already been written in your other articles. This might force you to research and start spending more time on articles.
  2. It takes awhile to earn: In the beginning, you will only get a few views per day and it's unlikely that you'll get clicks everyday. Eventually, you'll be making a good daily income but it takes time and patience and not everyone has patience.
  3. Spell/grammar check is sometimes wrong: Sometimes words in your articles are marked as passive voice, complex expression, etc. Also, the spell check will sometimes try to get you to change words which will make the article make less sense.
  4. Traffic partly depends on keyword, links, and tags: This is an annoying steep learning curve for many new users. When I started Infobarrel I read things such as, "create back links," and, "use SEO keywords." I was like, what does that mean??? Like many newbies, I was very confused. The good thing is that the learning curve isn't as steep as people make it feel like but it's still is a new experience to learn for many inexperienced Infobarrel writers.
  5. You could get bored/distracted easily: Writing for long periods of time will make you bored. In addition, family members and noises will distract you. Sometimes you'll get so bored, you'll just stop for a while and play a game on your computer. It happens to me all the time. Even though this happens, don't let this stop you from joining. It's not Infobarrel's fault.

Is Infobarrel For You?

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. Infobarrel is not for someone without the patients or for people who get bored and distracted easily. You don't have to love writing to join Infobarrel. All you need is the motivation to earn some money and to enjoy sharing what you know. If you write about what interest you and what you know, then you'll spend less time researching and won't get as bored. Why not try out Infobarrel? It's free and you have nothing to lose.