Why some people love mineral oil for their skin, why others hate it

A lot of people these days are having a hard time deciding just what to use on their skin as a moisturizer. There are plenty of lotions and oils out there today, but finding the right one that fits your specific skin type is not always the easiest thing in the world to do and picking the wrong one could have some serious consequences as well. One of the more popular types of oils that has been around a long time is a petroleum based oil called mineral oil. This type of oil has quickly become a favorite of people since it was introduced, but it nowadays is reaping criticisms from others claiming it definitely comes with its own set of hazards.

For some people's skin types, mineral oil is supposedly the perfect remedy for dry or easily harmed skin because it serves as a coating of sorts to seal up the moisture inside the skin. It goes on pretty thick and is, for the most part, waterproof which is always nice for when you are hanging out at the beach or next to a pool during the warmer months of the year. People love its its feel and the fact that it is extremely affordable, but as different skin care products and research is expanded mineral oil is ranking as low n the list as a product to add to your medicine cabinet.

One of the negative things that health conscience people tend to look at when it comes to mineral oil is that very fact that it is a petroleum based item that is only adding to the greater need and usage of the world's natural resources. Originally, mineral oil was developed for skin care since it was a left over by-product of the petroleum used for industry. If you are one of those types of people who prefer purchasing more environmentally friendly products, then mineral oils is most likely is not for you. Also, if you live in colder weather climates, there is always that risk that the skin could become chapped and irritated because of the mineral oil and cause more harm than good in the process. But the ultimate criticism of mineral oil is its effect on skin, the thick layer of oil just sits on the skin, not allowing it to breath. The result is that the top layer of the skin is trapped and cannot be properly exposed to oxygen.

So, if at all possible it is definitely the smarter thing to do to seek the opinion of a doctor or physician to find out if an oil or lotion would be better for you to protect your skin with. It really does make a world of difference in the deciding factor of the aging process and overall health of your skin. Mineral oil has been used throughout the lifetimes of people who shrived to take good care of their skin, and while older their skin does appear to be in good shape. The question is, had they not used mineral oil and used something else, would their face look any better? This is a question to be answered by a long term study, which to date, this author is not aware of any.

Mineral oils is claimed to be a very good product by many, despite its imperturbable layer it leaves on the skin. Therefore it is not a product for everyone, especially those who have acne, oily skin, or sensitive skin. It is vital that everyone tests mineral oil out so that they do not end up with an even bigger problem on their hands...er face.