I believe mobile phones have so many great things about them, but there are also many bad things. For me I find great use of them, I am an avid texting machine and I can really say it can't be good. I think our society rely on mobile phones in a destructive manner. In a different perspective mobile phones are life savers in some situations.

I don't know if it's because of my addiction to them or if most people believe that cell phones benefit our society. The best thing about them is no matter where you are, you can make a phone call whether it's important or not. No need to search for a phone or go home to make a call just pull it out of your pocket. Even if you don't text message or talk a lot on the phone it's a great idea to carry one with you. If somehow you end up in a bad situation or an emergency occurs you have the option of calling or text messaging whoever you need too. You never know you might break you ankle hiking in the woods or get lost and the only way to survive or get help could be your cellular phone. I feel much more secure going into risky situation or whatnot when I know I have my cell on me. Other benefits include an internet browser, GPS, Bluetooth, and emergency services.

There are many negatives when it comes to cell phones. The main point is that we are so reliant on this technology that when it fails we are doomed! People who live everyday relying on this technology feel lost without a mobile phone. Another negative is the possibility of when you need it most it won't work. All technology fails right? Whether it's no signal, dead battery, or just a bad phone it might not work when you need it. So in that case don't rely on mobile phones and leave yourself other options. Another large negative in my books is people who talk or even worse text message while they drive. Here in British Columbia it's illegal to talk or text while driving but you can't stop everyone. Here is a clip from a CBC article about text messaging while driving. "Drivers' reaction times deteriorated by 35 per cent and they saw a 91 per cent decrease in steering ability". "Similar studies of drunk driving, by comparison, showed that reaction times fell by a mere 12 per cent". Read that again if you didn't understand texting while driving is more dangerous that drinking and driving!

On a closing note I still think the positives outweigh the negatives when speaking of mobile phones. Personally I do not text and drive so I still feel my cell phone benefits me more than anything. Thank you for reading, Andre.