It's all about game play. People play video games because they are challenging and fun. NCAA Football 2011 is both those things. The motion of the players on the 2011 version is the best of any sports game I've ever seen. No matter what platform you have (PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii) you'll get hours and hours of fun playing this great looking game. If you are a sports fan or a game player I highly recommend this game.


The Motion

Talk about realistic motion! This game is fantastic. The smooth transitions from one scene to next are as close to really watching a game as you can get. It's important to the game play to. The motion allows you to put together combinations of jukes and fakes just like real running backs and wide receivers do.

The Modes

All the favorite modes from previous versions are here. The "Dynasty" mode that follows your coaching career and "Online Dynasty" that pits you against your friends or against the best from all over the country. The "Road to Glory" mode where ESPN follows you from your senior year in high school thru your college graduation is lots of fun and the new "Two button" mode. The "Two button" mode allows all the functions of the game to be controlled by just two buttons. This is a great equalizer when you are not as familiar with the game controls as your opponent.

Icing the Kicker

How many times have we seen the defense call time out with an important kick coming up to force the kicker to think about it longer. This really works in real life and in NCAA Football 2011 it works as well. In my opinion, it's the little bits of realism that EA Sports puts into their games that make them the best sports game creator ever.


There are few cons to this game. It will take up a huge amount of your free time. They did remove the time out focus where I could rally my team to a certain goal like "Make a big play" or "hold on to the football" That would be nice to have back. The price is always something to look at when buying these games. It would also be nice to have a sneaky on-sides kick. Now the camera angle changes and everyone knows there is about to be an on-side kick.

If you only buy one game this year I recommend NCAA Football 2011. For overall game play and appearance it can't be beat.