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Sedation dentistry is where you are given medications and may also be given nitrous oxide. The medication will allow you to feel drowsy and relieve any anxiety that you may have. This is an excellent choice for anyone with a phobia of the dentist. It will make your dental visit a lot more pleasant.

Conscious sedation is also popular for pediatric dentistry. It will make any dental work easier on a very young child. They may not even remember the procedure once they are done with it and the medication has worn off.

The benefits to sedation dentistry are numerous because it relieves your anxiety and fear of the dental procedure you are about to have. This allows you to get any dental work that you may have been putting off done. With sedation dentistry, you will feel like it takes a very short period of time and you are done and ready to go home.

Another advantage to sedation dentistry is that a dentist will be able to do more work on your teeth, because you will be more relaxed. This is especially good if you are having multiple procedures done on your teeth. This could cut the number of office visits down drastically so that you are done after just a few visits and have your smile back.

The disadvantage of sedation dentistry is that the medication will affect people differently. Some people may take just a little bit of medication and fall asleep and wake up and not remember anything, while others may take the medication and not feel anything at all and be awake for the entire procedure.

Another disadvantage of sedation dentistry is that most dental insurance will not cover this type of dentistry. This is something you would want to check about with your insurance company to see if it is covered or not.

There are not too many side effects with sedation dentistry. Occasionally, the medication they will prescribe you can have some side effects, but these are usually minimal. Some of the medications may actually take several days to be completely out of your body though. You may not want to plan on going right back to work the same day until you know how you feel.

Overall, the different methods of sedation dentistry can be a perfect choice for anyone who has fears about seeing a dentist. It all depends on how bad your fears are on if you should try sedation dentistry. Once you try it, you may decide that sedation dentistry is the only type of dentistry you want and do not ever want a regular dental visit again. It may be exactly what you need to have your teeth perfect once again.