Scooters are designed to provide low power personal transportation over relatively short distances. However, improvements have been made to increase their initial capability. With increased capabilities, scooters are finding new applications. One particular type of scooter, the 50cc scooter, deserves a special mention because of its wide spread use across the world.


The 50cc scooter is defined as a type of motorbike with an engine fuel capacity of 50cc. The difference between a scooter and a motorcycle arises from the distinction of engine fuel capacity, with motorbikes having less than 250cc cylinders referred to as scooters. The contraption has a characteristic design and is built for relatively light use.


The size and mechanical design of this type of scooter offers a flurry of advantages to a proud user. These benefits stem from the fact that technological developments in the field of material science and mechanics have been embraced by manufacturers of this type of scooter to make it a force to be reckoned with in road transport. Some of the advantages include:

Low fuel consumption: In this decade of recession where the world's fuel prices have hit an all time high, all eyes are turning to the 50cc Scooter because they give a remarkably high mileage to fuel ratio. Also, new designs of the scooter that have hit the markets boast of being hybrids of electrical and fuel engines which means that they further cut down on fuel consumption.

Good performance: A combined effect of the scooter's light weight construction and its modern 4 stroke engine makes the machine easy to handle when maneuvering, as well as enabling high speeds of operation. Fiberglass is the material commonly used for making strong but light exteriors.

Affordable prices: The costs associated with acquiring this type of scooter are relatively low owing to the cheap material of construction used. These cheap 50cc scooters can be purchased for as low as $500 which many view as a wise investment given the low maintenance and fuel costs. Another source of such scooters is the second hand dealerships which often offer these machines at fairly good mechanical condition and at a premium.


A down side exists for these machines as regards to its size and capability. The most significant is stems from their low fuel consumption feature which translates to low power delivered hence their relatively slow speeds and short mileage. Also, they cannot be used to haul heavy objects.