Wind Chime(42402)

You probably haven’t ever thought of buying tuned wind chimes. This is alright—after all, you probably don’t know the reason that you should buy tuned wind chimes. However, consider this scenario:

You’re sitting back one day on your front porch. It’s the first truly windy day and so you decide to put up your homemade wind chimes the next time that it’s a bit calmer out. This way you can hear it when them the next time that it gets windy, right?

So you take your time to put up your chimes. You’re excited. They may not look like regular wind chimes, but you have to give yourself credit for creating your very own wind chimes!

However, once the wind starts blowing, you start to feel your stomach sink. Instead of beautiful, almost cherubic twinkles of wind chime goodness, your wind chimes sound like a group of clanging, loud, annoying metal! So you dejectedly take your wind chimes down, starting to wonder if perhaps there’s something to having tuned wind chimes.

So the question—what’s so great about these things, starts like this:

First of all, tuned wind chimes just sound prettier. Let’s face it—clanging metal might keep the birds away, but it’s not something that you really want to listen to over and over and over again during a windy day. This is why tuned wind chimes are so popular—they sound pretty and each and every chime produces a beautiful, melodic sound.

Next, there’s the fact that they look better. Most of the time, if you look at a store or create wind chimes your own, you’re either limited in selection or ability. If you are particularly good at tuning, you could PERHAPS tune them, but this takes time that you may not be willing to take.

There’s also a larger selection as far as materials go. Let’s face it—if you have a choice between metal and metal, you really don’t have one at all! However, if you were able to look online, you can find plastic and metal and glass and pretty much any material that you can possibly think of, with even prettier designs than those you might find in stores.

There are many different types of chimes that you can look at—take your time to decide which tuned wind chimes are right for you and your garden.