Pseudotropheus Demasoni Cichlid(116333)

The Demasoni Cichlid is a relatively rare fish, having only been discovered in 1994. It comes from Lake Malawi in Africa, the source of many cichlid species. This particular breed has a beautiful dark/light blue coloring, and is considered to be a dwarf mbuna. The Malawi Demasoni is much less aggressive than its counterparts, making it less likely to fight with one another in groups. Its smaller size means it is suitable for tanks as small as 36 inches in length, but the bigger the tank, the better overall.

Physical Aspects of the Demasoni Cichlid

As mentioned before, the Malawi Demasoni Cichlid is a dwarf Cichlid, reaching a maximum length of 3 inches. They have a lozenge shaped body that is typical of cichlids in general. It has a vertical stripe pattern consisting of dark blue/light blue that extends into the dorsal fin. The tail is usually a dark blue, and there are horizontal stripes of dark blue on its forehead.

Social Preferences and Demeanor

While the Pseudotropheus Demasoni is less aggressive than other varieties, it is still more aggressive than more docile species. The mbuna are a group fish, and prefer to swim in large numbers. Keeping a large amount of Demasoni in one tank keeps them happy and content, and less prone to attacking others. It is recommended that a minimum of twelve fish be kept together, if not more. Since it is almost impossible to tell the sex of individual fish, it is easier to assume that they'll figure out their own pecking order. Hence the more fish, the merrier. It also prevents one male becoming alpha over the rest and attacking males that are less dominant.

Habitat and Feeding

Like other Cichlids, Pseudotropheus Demasoni Cichlids are bottom dwellers in tanks, and prefer hanging out around holes, caves and rocks. They are curious by nature, and love to explore their surroundings. Putting in large pieces of rock and plenty of decorations with nooks and crannies gives them plenty of areas to explore and hang out in.

These mbunas are algae eaters, preferring to pick algae off gravel by filtering it through their mouth. Be sure to use a substrate gravel that does not have any sharp edges on it so they can satisfy their appetite without cuts. Prepare to see the occasional bare patch in the substrate from the fish moving it around as they eat and nest.

Feed a Malawi Demasoni Cichlid with spirulina flakes or any vegetable based feed. They eat only plant matter, and meat based feeds can potentially kill them with bloat.

The Pseudotropheus Demasoni Cichlid is a great addition to an aquarium, especially for those who could spend hours watching the tank. They are a curious fish, and always moving around, exploring their habitat.

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