Skin Bursting Tight Muscles!

If you’ve been working out, you’ll know that you that pump you get afterwards. The result of a workout gives off the look which makes muscles look bigger and fuller.

It’s the blood flowing to the muscles. It’s like when a balloon is blown up with air, it becomes bigger and bigger. This is why you’ll look your best after your workout.fg

Imagine having the greatest high in the world by just exercising. You wouldn’t need any drugs to meet such a feeling. It’s sensation of feeling like our muscles are blown up more and more after each set of our workout. You can have a high from running as well but its different when your weight training. You force more blood volume into each muscle, leaving you looking bigger and better than before.

If it’s so easy to get the pump why don’t more and more people do this? They do but it’s commonly done wrong. To get the pump, you don’t actually have to work out as hard as you think you should.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to work out, this means to get a fuller and bigger look, and then you need to increase the blood volume in your muscles. You should already have some amount of muscles to meet the look though.

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When it’s done wrong, it can end up being unhealthy for you since you may exercise too much. Exercising too much or too little are both bad for you. You should have recovery day where you have light activities and you should listen to your body when you need a break or not. The term “no pain, no gain” is only half-true.

When you actually have pain and it’s distracting you from your workout, then you should just stop working out. Figure out why the pain is occurring before you worsen it. Exercise can be addicting so a way to pump up without being strenuous on your body can be very useful.

You can have a lot of muscles but if it’s flat, it won’t look as big as it would when it’s pumped. All bodybuilder go after the pump workout before they step on stage to make their muscles look full and big. Without the pump, they might look almost half as big.fgf

So if you’re just the average fitness warrior who is going to the beach, party or just trying to impress his girlfriend on that special night, you’ll benefit from this amazing feeling that they call the pump.

If you don’t have any equipment access and you’re going out very soon. Make sure you had a good meal today with complex carbohydrates like oatmeal and a good source of protein like eggs. This will help keep your muscles full.

For a good chest and arm pump, while standing put your two palms together in front of your belly button area. Squeeze your chest together for 10 seconds, then repeat for 30 and do it again for 60 seconds. You want to make sure all your muscles contract from your palm down to your arms and chest. Contract them as hard and as long as possible. Do this for a few minutes and you’ll find yourself more pumped than ever!

For a chest exercise try body weight push ups. This is great to do before or after the above technique of squeezing the palms together. Take your hands and go as wide as possible. Do as many push ups as possible, and then take your hands just a bit closer so they are shoulder width apart. Do as many as you can. Without rest, take your hands even closer and make a triangle with your fingers and thumbs.

You’ll find the wider push ups to work your chest more than your arms so they are the most difficult. As you bring your hands closer, you’ll push out more repetitions even if you fail on the wide push ups. More triceps is used when you bring your hands closer than shoulder width apart which is why you’ll find yourself to push more repetitions.fgf

Don’t forget about your back, you can make your back look bigger without much effort. You can use anything that’s weighted. It doesn’t have to be much, such as you can take a 5 liter water bottle and fill it with water. Use that for bent over back rows. If you really want to meet the best pump, do it for a minute or two. If you have a place where you can do pull ups, try different variations: wide, shoulder width and close grip.

For the biceps: use your hand against your other hand. You’re going to do bicep curls by using your free hand against your contracted arm. Push down on your hand as if you’re holding a dumbbell and contract your bicep as hard and for as many repetitions as possible.
You should feel more and more of a pump in your biceps.


Remember you are going for the pump, not for muscle gains or weight loss. The goal here is to contract the muscles as many times as possible without actually affecting your muscle recovery.

This will make a great pump in your muscles, resulting a bigger and fuller look ones physique. For best results, do the pump workout before heading out. You can do these pump exercises anywhere and anytime.

For a cheap and convenient way to pump up your whole body is to invest in resistance bands. You can practically do any exercise with these special bands. These bands can be used anywhere and anytime. They are commonly used by professional bodybuilders before stepping on the stage.

Get pumping!

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