Buck Hunting Knife

The quality of the buck hunting knife is famous around the world; these finely crafted masterpieces are guaranteed for life. The purchaser can choose the type of knife, blade, blade length and handle that works best for them, customizing the knife to their particular use.

These knives are not just used for hunting; they are used to assist energetic people in all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, biking and landscaping. Dedicated sportsmen will find uses for these indoors also like opening packages, cutting ribbon or cutting a tough dinner steak. Superior sharp knives are always in demand.

The two most popular types are fixed blades and folding blades. A fixed blade knife is always ready to use and is transported in a heavy-duty leather sheath when it is not used. Folding blade knives are known as pocketknives; these have a pivot point allowing the blade to fold into the knife handle. These can easily be carried in a pocket, are only ready to use when the blade is pulled out and lock into position. However, most serious hunters prefer the fixed blade knives because they are much sturdier than their folding blade cousins. This is because they have a tang (the portion of the blade that goes into the handle). Knives without tangs tend to break off at the handle after extended use. The last thing a hunter needs in the middle of the woods is a broken knife.

The length of the blade depends on the use of the knife; the most common lengths are 6 inches and 8 inches. This allows a large cutting surface. Hunters prefer drop point blades; these blades come to a point and have a curved cutting edge allowing the skin to be removed from the carcass without damaging the meat. A chip point blade is designed the same way but is thinner and easier to use for many different things. Handles come in different sizes to fit different sized hands. Some of the most popular material includes wood, antlers, metal, ivory and plastics.

Many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts discovered that once they purchase a buck hunting knife, they did not need to purchase another knife. This knife is designed to last for a lifetime of exciting and enthusiastic outdoor adventures.