These days the prices of energy are rising leading many people to look for alternative energy sources. Solar and wind energy are gaining ground. This leads us to wonder if Buckingham Palace could run on solar energy. What would happen if they did convert? How would it affect the country?

Is it Crazy?

When you think of how large a building like The Palace is, you may think it is crazy to get enough energy from the sun to power it. You have to consider many things including the cost of converting. Other countries have started to test the theory of running important buildings on solar such as India and their 2011 Solar City program. They are having leading experts in alternative energy determine whether or not the Mysore palace could run on solar every day of the week.

If one palace can do it surely others can. The movement to alternative energy is a great way to conserve the non-renewable energy sources that we have been so heavily dependent on in the past. The cost of conversion may be high, but in the long run you definitely get your money’s worth in savings. If you consider the current yearly cost to power The Palace and the cost to convert, savings would probably on the positive side within 10 years or less (depending on the actual costs of course as this has not been estimated at this time.)

Immediate Results

If such an important landmark as The Palace converted to solar energy the resulting change for the country would be immediate and noticeable. The job market would start to change from nuclear power plants and other sources or electricity to the production of solar energy equipment. Maybe a solar power plant could even be built to provide mass amounts of energy to the country.

Imagine a world with no electricity. Of course, solar energy should be free. If plants started to be built and energy was provided to residents there would be a charge, but you have to imagine that it would be much cheaper than electricity is at its current rates. The rates of electricity are constantly rising. Gas prices are in an ever increasing flux. You have to think that if the Queen converted to solar others would too. Who wouldn’t want to do what the Queen does or recommends?

Upfront Costs

Taxes would probably have to be raised for a short time to cover the cost of converting The Palace which is usually quite expensive. A regular size single-family home costs about £16,000 to convert from electricity to solar. So the upfront costs on Buckingham Palace would be hundreds of millions. However, once the system is up and running NO money will be spent directly on energy.  Money would have to be spent on maintaining the system, replacing solar panels and things like that. That amount pales in comparison to what is currently spent.

The bottom line is yes The Palace and the Queen could convert to solely solar energy. Will they? This remains to be seen, but I think if they did it would mean great things for the country as a whole.