As the number of people who are overweight goes up, the quickest way to lose weight is on everyone's mind. With unrealistic promises of a lean, sexy body in no time, the diet industry offers scores of pills, supplements, and gadgets. Most quick diets are effective because they result in the loss of water weight, instead of actual fat.

Our bodies reserve water to combat dehydration, so at any given time it is not uncommon to have as much as 10 extra pounds of water weight on us. Many diets involve an increase in water consumption, whether by incorporating the 8 glasses a day rule, or through homemade liquid concoctions and soups. As the body gets additional water, it will let go of all the extra water it's storing, which causes the pounds to drop. This kind of weight is simple to both lose and gain, but it can help kick start a a weight loss plan.

One of the main causes of diet failure is that people want to see quick weight loss. When they are only losing 1 or 2 pounds every 7 days, they become disheartened and stop trying. Losing the pounds quickly at the start of a diet will help keep the person enthusiastic about losing weight, and will stimulate the loss of fat as well.

Cleansers are the quickest way to lose weight. The body holds on to a lot of waste products, as well as water. Flushing this material can drop 10 pounds in a week or two. There are many popular cleanse diets that work, one of the biggest being the Master Cleanse Diet. A person will definitely drop pounds quickly if they are able to refrain from eating solid foods.

A good "home remedy" detox diet known as the lemonade diet includes lemon juice, maple syrup, and a splash of cayenne pepper. This mixture not only helps a dieter lose weight, but also rids the body of poisons and gives the person extra energy.

The cabbage soup diet is a second popular eating plan. Although at first you may wonder how this can be detoxifying, it's actually quite good in the fact that it dramatically increases your daily intake of water, thereby helping you lose water weight quickly. (It is recommended that, in addition to the soup, you drink at least 4 more glasses of water a day). Designed as a seven day regimen, the soup is to be accompanied by a certain food or food group each day, of which the dieter can eat as much as they would like. The soup recipe can be found many places online.

Water weight loss is not going to stay off forever, but it can be used effectively as a way to kick start a healthy way of eating. Moreover, it can help drop pounds quickly in time for a special occasion.
Now that you're motivated to lose more weight, the quickest way to lose weight and excess water is just the beginning. After the water and waste pounds have been lost, you will need to start making new habits to begin losing fat. The concept of losing weight is simple - you need to burn more calories that you consume.

Eating right and working out are the best methods of dropping pounds, but they can be hard to do. For proper nutrition, so many programs are available that spell everything right out for us to understand WHAT we should eat, and HOW MUCH we should eat each day. Not to be confused with such diets that restrict us to what we MUST eat, for these tend not to work very well. When a dieter does not enjoy a particular eating plan, failure is nearly certain.

A lot of dieters discover that they are able to eat what they usually do, but in smaller amounts. Adding foods that burn more calories during the digestive process than they contain in the first place helps curb hunger as well as burn fat. These kinds of foods are known as negative calorie items and are usually veggies and fruits.

Becoming a member of a weight loss support group, like Weight Watchers, or competing in a weight loss contest have been proven to improve weight loss outcomes. Accountability is the key! Having a partner to keep you "in check" and on track helps everyone stay motivated and stick with it. Combined with an increase in activity, these steps lead to a healthy, long term weight loss.