Benefits of Baby Massage

Massage has been used as an essential part of baby care for centuries.  Unfortunately, in our fast-paced society many parents don't have the time to devote to their children.  However, not only has research shown that it has incredible benefits for the children, but also will enable you to learn about and respond to your infant's body language. Additionally it is an excellent way to make your child feel secure and loved and cared for. 

The only rule to baby massage is safety.Don't massage the child just after eating as it might cause them to spit up. Remember to take off any jewelry or hard objects before you begin.  And go slowly and extremely gently as you  and your baby discover what works best for both of you.

Massage Can Help Infants Sleep Better

Sleeping Baby(108039)

It's important to realize that infant massage isn't something you do to your child, but is something that you and your infant do together. In order to provide the best care, you really should seek professional training or guidance from a qualified baby massage therapist.  Often there are classes held in your area that you can attend to learn how best to do infant massage.  Check with your local hospital or child care specialist for advice on when the next classes will be held.

Baby massages should be short and infrequent.  It only takes a ten minute massage two or three times each week to stregthen the parent-infant relationship.  Plus it can help alleviate childhood ailements such as colic. Plus babies love it and there's no bonding time quite like it. 

It has gotten a lot harder to fit quality family time into the day between parents workload between their responsibilities at job and at home.   Massage time creates a quiet moment of focuses attention between the parents and the child. 

When you practice massage you are doing more than establishing a healthy baseline for your child.  You are created a strong sense of attatchement .  Studies have shown that a child with a strong sense of attachment is more likely to grow up confident and assured.  

Since the parent-infant attachment is rooted at the very early months of life, it is important to take the time to invest in building the deep relationship early on. Plus, both parents can practice this bonding time so that the child grows up with a deep sense of reassurance about its place in the world.