It is commonly believed in most parts of the world and in most faiths as well that women are lesser creations than men. They are the one who commits sins, are adulteresses and are source of most of the conflicts. It is the woman who tempts other people to fall in the bog of crimes and sins as Eve did to Adam in the paradise and both of them were shamed and banished to earth. Hence, it is also alleged against women that she is the one who is responsible for all the misdeeds and therefore is rightly punished through the sufferings of childbirth, menstrual cycles and post partum bleeding.

Islamic perspective of status of Women:

Unfortunately, many Muslims also believe in the same story despite of the fact that nothing like this is mentioned in Holy Quran. If we go through story of Adam and Eve explained in the Quran, we come to know that Allah singled out Adam for the sin they committed because he was responsible for his family and that is why he made both of them repent before Him.

As far as banishing them from paradise and sending to earth is concerned, Allah wanted them to start a new race of believers who would love and worship Him. As a matter of fact, Allah never pinpointed Eve as the initiator of sin and punished both of them for their crime.

If we go deep into the teachings of Islam, we come to know that Quran and Holy Prophet (PBUH) has asserted on many occasions on the rights of women. Muhammad (PBUH) was the complete interpretation of Holy Quran and Allah bestowed the responsibility of Quran tutoring on his shoulders as well. His treatment with his wives and other women is a glorious example for other Muslims to follow.

Islam does not consider women as second class citizens and provide them equal rights in their own right. The duties of both the genders in Islam are not similar and therefore the rights they enjoy also differ a lot from each other. For instance, child bearing and breastfeeding is not a punishment. In fact, women’s body is designed in such way that she can bear child but a man cannot. It is her duty to give birth to child and in turn it is the duty of a male to treat her with love, sympathy, meet her all necessities and protect her from “invasions.” Therefore, the duty of women in Islam is the right of men and vice versa and it is the most natural and perfect system of living a life together.

As far as fewer shares in inheritance and why two females witness are equal to one man in value, we need to understand the wisdom behind it rather than just dancing on fallacious beliefs. Women receive fewer shares in inheritance because she has no obligation to spend on her family whereas a man is bound to do so. Therefore, a woman is under less pressure and constraint as far as feeding and raising children is concerned where she can effectively play the role of just a mother.

If we go through the Islamic history, we see that it was Islam that improved the condition of women and gave them the status in society that they deserved. Before Islam, women around the world are in abject state. They were persecuted, baby girls were killed, and they had no share in inheritance and were no more than a showpiece and entertainer for men. Islam made a woman a respected wife, loved daughter and sister and most importantly a beloved, trustworthy and caring wife. What else a woman need if she is getting all these just by performing her responsibilities according to teachings of Islam.