42 Inch Flat Screen TVs

42 inch flat screen TVs are among the most popular sizes people choose from. They're large enough to satisfy those with large screen appetites and affordable enough for those who don't feel the need to spend extravagant prices on entertainment. The well-known company RCA, now defunct, has become an inexpensive brand to buy from and their 42 inch flat screen TVs have enough features that people won't feel they're missing out, while also keeping their pocket books nice and full.

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The 42LA45RQ

The 42LA45RQ is a full HD television with 16:9 widescreen picture so you won't miss any of the action. The 42 inch screen has comfortable viewing distances of up to 10 feet which is sure to accommodate most living rooms. This television can be used for games and movies but can also serve as a PC monitor if you need the extra screen space to view your emails. Enjoy deep blacks and whiter whites with the 4000:1 contrast ratio so you can view images with depth and luminosity all in one scene. And to stave off motion blur, the 42LA45RQ has a quick 6.5ms response time great for action movies and video games.


Three HDMI inputs give you the option of hooking multiple devices up without needing an HDMI switch. It also has component, VGA and A/V inputs for other items like RCA portable DVD players. Enjoy digital television with the ATSC tuner and avoid image artifacts thanks to a Digital 3D Comb Filter. Also, to improve brightness levels the 42LA45RQ has a 500cd/m2 rating which is ideal for movies and games. If you have a lot of kids in the house and don't want to worry about what they maybe watching when not at home, a parental control feature gives you peace of mind so you can avoid answering any questions that aren't exactly age appropriate. And along with the 3D Digital Comb, a Digital Noise Reduction will provide for an overall better TV viewing experience improving picture and audio.

Environmentally Sound

Energy efficiency is a big deal nowadays and people want to make sure their consumer electronics aren't costing them too much on energy bills. They also want to know their electronics are environmentally sound. There are two environmental mandates that this TV abides by. It follows the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) by not including any hazardous material in the manufacturing of these TVs; this prevents substances like lead or mercury to be tossed in landfills. And also this TV is EnergyStar™ qualified which means it'll consume 30% less energy than a non-qualified TV. So the 42LA45RQ is not only affordable at checkout, but it saves you money on monthly energy costs. Making sure you purchase products with these standards in mind will be better for the economy as well as the environment.

More Info

The RCA 42LA45RQ flat screen TV comes in a variety of sizes. They also manufacture LED-backlit LCD TVs and Plasma Display Panels if you prefer that technology over liquid crystal displays. RCA has been around since 1919 and has learned quite a few things about consumer electronics over the years. The company itself had been dismantled back in 1986, only the trademark is used and owned by various companies. General Electric bought the company and that essentially ended the operation. You will still see the RCA trademark on various items as it has been licensed to different companies. And as far as improving the environment is concerned, you'll be able to recycle an RCA TV to reduce waste in landfills. For place to recycle your TV check out their website.