Still Around

The RCA trademark is widely known even though the company itself doesn't exist anymore (it was bought by GE then sectioned off). Even so, you can still see the RCA logo on various consumer electronics - flat screens, stereos and other devices. One product you might see in stores is the RCA DRC6272 Twin Mobile DVD Player. This is a two screen RCA portable DVD player that has favorable customer reviews and a nice reduction in price. Tired of the kids rough-housing in the minivan? Want to keep your rear-seat passengers entertained while on a roadtrip? Or do you simply want to have entertainment in your vehicle without having to install components and deal with cables and wires. If this is you, then consider your faith rewarded because this dual screen portable DVD player is an answer to your prayers.

rca drc6272Credit: amazon


The RCA DRC6272 is at an affordable price and will play two DVD movies separately on each screen. This is good if you have kids with different tastes in movies and aren't willing to compromise (even if it would be a valuable lesson to learn; I'm not here to raise your kids though). You get two remote controls, two headrest mounting kits, two AC adapters and car adapters as well. And although the players themselves can be mounted to the headrest, they're very light at only a pound and easy to view with it being in tablet form. These players can be used separately in two different vehicles, or together in the same vehicle. Both have headphone jacks so each person can watch whatever movie they like without disturbing their neighbor.

Not the best in the world

Now these aren't the best dual screen portable DVD players despite all the features mentioned. There's no battery in the two DVD players so you'll just have to rely on the AC and car adapters. But the DRC6272 does add to its adaptability with the kids being able to play video games on one screen and watch a movie on the other. Customers on Amazon love how it's easy to use and how great it keeps the kids entertained while on the road. The remotes are color coded specific to each screen so no need worrying about which control will work with which screen. The picture quality is adequate and there are very few complaints with sound. It'll play your DVDs, CDs and JPEG files so you can enjoy movies, music and photos. Some complain about the DVD players not sensing the remotes, but if you line it up directly with the sensor you shouldn't have any problems. Someone in the front seat won't be able to control the playback with the remote if they're mounted on the headrests.


The two car adapter are what allow you to use them in separate vehicles - a feature praised by many reviewers. You can use them to power up both DVD players or just one. They aren't too expensive as they've been reduced in price. And very few people complained of defective units. Outside of the car these DVD players have a kickstand so they can sit like a picture frame while you enjoy your movie. And with it being 7 inch tablet form, they'll be easy to carry for small kids.

Keep the Peace

Dual screen portable DVD players are a good way to keep the fighting to a minimal while vacationing with kids. But if you happen to have kids who literally can't stand each other, being able to watch two separate movies with each screen decreases any chances of fights breaking out even further. Now, I'm not the one to judge anyone's personal life, but if they can't seem to get along despite all these features, it might be time for some professional help (I believe the ABC show Super Nanny is taking applications). Either way, it should be a fun ride to grandma's house.