The RainSong Dreadnought Guitar

The Rainsong Dreadnought Guitar

Acoustic Guitars Are Fragile

We have to face it.  A fine acoustic guitar, the kind of guitar that can be played a lifetime, and then passed down to family or friends as a cherished heirloom, that kind of guitar is damned expensive.  Those things cost a bundle of money, and no matter what, they're pieces of wood glued together, and with the presence of high tension strings pulling against it all.  Let things get too hot, too wet, too cold, or too dry, and there's a fine recipe for disaster.

Well, what if you could get a fine acoustic guitar that wasn't made of wood?  Would that thing even still be considered an acoustic?  Would it sound like....what would it sound like anyway?

Friends, you CAN own a non-wooden acoustic guitar, a nearly indestructible guitar; and one that doesn't sound un-natural at all.  This is what the RainSong guitars are, nearly indestructible acoustic guitars made from carbon fiber, and they're made in Hawaii.

This should be obvious, but I have to say it anyway; you can't "go green" any more than this.  For obvious reasons, no wood involved, this is an ultimate environmentalist hippie's guitar.  No trees were hurt or injured in any way during the production of these stringed musical instruments.

RainSong instruments are built using carbon fiber, and glass fiber, and these instruments are impervious to the changes in temperature and humidity.  You can take one out next to the fire at the camp ground, and play it all night long without fear of the wood becoming dehydrated, there is no wood save in the fire.  You might not want to get this instrument wet, but if you do, you need not worry about the water soaking into the wood, there is no wood.  With RainSong guitars, there is no need to fear one getting too hot in the back of a car, and pulling itself apart from the tension on the strings, it won't happen.  Oh these guitars aren't completely indestructible, nothing is; there just far less likely to become damaged in the typical ways than a guitar made from wood and glue.  I've heard tales of people doing things to these guitars that I simply will not repeat.  Tales about how they'd tried to find out just how much abuse a carbon fiber/glass fiber instrument could take without being damaged.  Suffice it to say these fine musical instruments can take some abuse, but after paying for one, I'd still never push the issue, I'd just consider insurance a non-issue for my axe.

Dreadnought sized instruments are the workhorses of the acoustic guitar world.  This is why I'm showing dreadnoughts by RainSong here.  Also, I'm just a dreadnought guy, I'm used to playing that sized instrument, and I like them.  RainSong makes guitars in all sizes, from two different sizes of orchestra models to jumbo models.

It's important to know that with wooden guitars, the internal bracing is vitally important to how the guitar is going to sound.  With carbon and glass fiber stringed instruments, there is no need for internal bracing, these instruments are voiced entirely differently, and it is done with layering, or the thickness of the fiber composite material in various and sundry places.

These studio series instruments by RainSong are acoustic/electric, which means they come with a pre-amp and a pickup; they're ready to be played either with or without amplification, and they are loud enough when played with a decent plectrum, to play alongside louder instruments like mandolins or fiddles.  The electronics used by RainSong are Fishman electronics, and these instruments feature an on-board tuner as well.

The necks and bodies, and the headstock of these instruments are of carbon and glass fiber, the bridge and fingerboards are of composite material.  These stringed instruments have a high gloss polyurethane finish, and the Gotoh tuning machines enjoy a very good reputation among all enthusiasts.  Regarding the necks of these instruments, there is a double action truss rod inside the neck.  The truss rod is not there in case of neck warping, as this will not be an issue, the truss rod is there so the owner can lower or raise the action of the strings to suit his or her tastes.

These studio series instruments have the bare minimum in fancy stuff so as to provide for the absolute maximum in quality instrument at a low price, and these instruments, regardless of which body style you get in the studio series, are all priced around fifteen hundred dollars.  These guitars aren't something one should think are meant to replace wood, they don't truly sound like wooden string instruments, they've got their own sound, and offer their owners something they can take anywhere, and expose to adverse conditions without the fear of the sort of damage that commonly occurs to wooden instruments.  Thanks for reading, and if you're a klutz, or have rowdy friends, or if you're just a guitar aficionado like myself, then check out RainSong next time you go shopping for a great six string.

A Very Nice Demonstration of the Carbon Fiber/Glass Fiber Guitar Sound