Released in July 2011, the Ranger Rover Evoque is Land Rover’s idea of a compact cross over SUV. Designed with urban consumers in mind, with emphasis on CO2 limitations and fuel economy, the Evoque has received good reviews from Top Gear, and Motor Trend. The recipient of the 2011 Auto Express Car of the Year, the 2010 Car Design News’s Best production car award, and the 2012 SUV of the year award from Motor Trend, the Evoque stands apart from many other SUV’s, for its design and off-road capabilities.


Available in a three door and five door configurations, the Evoque comes with the option of either a 2.2L petrol or a 2.0 diesel engine, with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Off road capable with 215 millimeters of ground clearance, 25 degree approach and 33 degree departure angles, and the capability to wade through almost 500 millimeters of water, it can handle almost any terrain a weekend off road driver might want to travel. 

The Evoque comes in three trim options, Pure which is the minimalist version, while Prestige adds various luxury options, and finally the Dynamic which focuses more on the performance aspects of the car.


Following the Range Rover brand in interiors, the Evoque’s cabin is upscale and luxurious. It comes with a standard touch screen entertainment system, and a cabin length sun roof. With 12 choices in interior colors available in wood and metal trims, deciding on one can be a bit difficult.  Victoria Beckham was hired to design the interiors of the Evoque, and is expected to launch her own designed Evoque in the next year.  


The lightest Land Rover till date, with a curb weight under 1,670 kg, the Evoque has used aluminum and composite plastic to achieve this.  There is an option of equipping the Evoque with five external cameras, to help the driver gain added visibility and compensate for a limited rear visibility due the slopping roofline.   With twelve different body colors, three contrasting roof colors and five optional wheel choices, the combinations can give a very unique vehicle.


The Evoque comes with an option of either a 2.2L turbo diesel engine producing 148 bhp or a 2.0L turbocharged petrol engine capable of 237 bhp. The petrol engine is sourced from Ford Ecoboost, which is used in the Ford Edge, Ford Explorer and Volvo S60. The Evoque, even with a small engine compared to its brothers in Range Rover’s stable, can achieve 60 miles per hour from 0 within 6.7 seconds and 0.82g lateral acceleration. This is really good for a car with just 4 cylinders. The Evoque is Range Rover’s adaption of their history into a modern world. And it seems to work just great.