If you find yourself bored in the World of Warcraft, a common hobby if to try and farm some rare mounts. With the recent Mists of Pandaria patch that makes mounts span across all your characters, they have only made it easier.

Now you do not have to go try and kill Kael'Thas on your healing toon, instead you can go on your nice geared DPS.

There is a lot of debate on what the rarest mounts are, but here are some of the rare ones that you can still get as of Mists of Pandaria. None of them are from the trading card game either.

The mounts are not in order, but if you are just here looking for the singularly rarest mount in the whole game of World of Warcraft, I can save you a bit of time.

It is the Big Love Rocket, which you can find a little further down the page.

timelost protodrake(119658)

Time-Lost Proto-Drake

The time-lost proto-drake is the rarest of all the proto-drakes that came out in the Lich King expansion. It is also the coolest looking if you are really into bondage. This mount is rare because you have to get it the patient way. There is no reputation to grind or enemies to kill, you just have to fly around and kill it.

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a Level 80 Rare that flies around the Storm Peaks in Northrend. It also has four different potential spawn points: Brunnhildar, Bor's Fall, Bor's Breath, and Frosthold.

Depending on where it spawns, it will follow these routes:

time lost route

What really makes this difficult is that the time-lost proto-drake shares a spawn timer with another rare called Vyragosa. If Vyragosa is flying around, the proto-drake will not spawn. So kill that guys when you see him. Around six hours afterwards either Vyragosa will spawn again or the Time-Lost Proto-Drake will spawn.

These two dragons fly kind of high so have some kind of slow fall ready for when you jump off your mount to tag them. especially if you know you have competition.

Also, the addon NPCscan will help you immensely in this task. It will help you not miss it while flying around.

ashes of al'ar

Ashes of Al'ar

This rare mount drops off of Kael'Thas Sunstrider in the Eye of Tempest Keep. So be prepared to spend a bit of time in there each week to try at the mount. This is generally considered to be the rarest mount in the game, but it is not, just very much sought after. The Ashes of Al'ar have about a 2% drop rate. Since you can only kill Kael'Thas once a week, it could be awhile.


kael thas

There's really no complicated strategy to this one. Kael'Thas is a level 70 boss, so at the max level of 90 in  Mists of Pandaria you can destroy him on just about any toon.

fiery warhorse

Fiery Warhorse

Like the Ashes of Al'ar, the Fiery Warhorse is another mount you have to grind from a raid instance. It is in another Burning Crusade raid too! This time you venture to Karazhan. In Karazhan, you have to kill Attumen the Huntsman for this mount to drop.

The Fiery Warhorse has a 1% drop chance, but sometimes the glory of it is lost. Mostly because the Fiery Warhorse looks disturbingly similar to the Headless Horseman drop mount, which sucks because the warhorse is much harder to get.

Attumen the Hunstman is again is a level 70 boss and is easily soloable at level 90. He is usually a optional boss in Karazhan, so it's not like you have to go through the long hell hole. The best news is, you do not have to play the chess game.

Onyxian Drake

Onyxian Drake

The Onyxian Drake drake is another mount with a 1% drop chance. I bet you will never guess who drops this mount? Surprise, surprise! The Onyxian drake is dropped by none other than Onyxia.

This was a level 60 instance for a while, but as of the Wrath expansion it got boosted to level 80. This may sound like she can be solo fought by a level 90, but it is not true. You will not need a whole bunch of people, but it is very difficult for one person to do it.

So you may want to recruit some friends that have little interest in rare mounts and will not jack the mount from you. If you have a few friends, this fight is a piece of cake that you can do once every week.

big love rocket

Big Love Rocket

The Big Love Rocket is difficult to obtain because you can only get it around Valentine's Day, much like the Brewfest mounts of the Headless Horseman mount. Around Valentine's day, you will be able to queue for Shadowfang Keep, after killing the first three bosses, you get a Heart-Shaped Box.

Out of that Heart-Shaped Box, you have a 0.03% chance to get a Big Love rocket out of it. You can only get this box once a day, during that one event, and you have to queue for it in dungeon finder.

You can see why this is extremely rare?

It can take people YEARS to get this mount. This makes the Big Love Rocket the singularly RAREST mount in the World of Warcraft. Too bad it is not only the rarest, but the fruitiest mount in the game.

Everyone will respect the size of your rocket when they see it though.

mimirons head

Mimiron's Head

Mimiron's Head used to be a guaranteed drop off of Yogg Saron in Ulduar if you defeated him by using none of the lights. However, during the end of Cataclysm when people got bored and started farming the Ulduar legendary, Blizzard knocked it down to a very low drop rate to account for the level boost.

The mount now remains rare because they knocked it down to a 3% drop rate.

I do not understand why they make super rare mounts look kind of stupid looking. Sure it makes them recognized, but they are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. However, Mimiron's Head is a nice mount to have if you want the Engineer's helicopter without actually having to have an engineer.