Most of the causes of heartburn are related to things that you consume. By knowing the factors that stimulate or trigger this problem is a good idea. That way you can try to eliminate them or make some simple changes in your lifestyle.

There are several foods and beverages that relax the ligament in your esophagus. Any beverage that contains caffeine can do this. That includes coffees, teas, energy drinks, and soft drinks.

Chocolate is also a culprit because it contains theobromine which has the same relaxing effect. Other foods like tomatoes and tomato-based products, citrus fruits and juices, and even alcohol relax the esophageal sphincter.

Another cause of heartburn can be from increased pressure in the stomach. Some of the reasons are external, but there are some internal ones as well. When fried or fatty food is consumed it slows down digestion, which basically forces the food to stay in stomach longer than normal.

This hard-to-break-down food can cause extra pressure which ultimately put more pressure on the esophageal ligament. You may want to decrease the amount of burgers and fries you eat to prevent this one!

Pregnancy can be another cause of heartburn due to the pressure of a growing baby on your abdominal area. By eliminating some of these other causes will help reduce heartburn symptoms.

Other ways that added abdominal pressure can be lessened is by wearing looser clothing around your midsection. That means you may need to buy that larger size in jeans, even though you've been fighting of this possibility for months.

Another cause of heartburn is eating too large of meals. Having a really full stomach can also add additional pressure in your abdomen. Try more meals a day, but smaller ones.

Trying to go to bed on a full stomach can do the same thing. You may want to adjust your dinner time and eat two to three hours before you lie down.

One cause of heartburn that may catch you off guard is tobacco. Cigarettes and other tobacco products contain a chemical that weakens the esophageal ligament as it passes from the lungs into the bloodstream.

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