There are fewer topics in the United States that divide people more than abortion. Friendships are started and stopped on this issue. The country is having the wrong argument. Has anyone ever asked why there are so many people wanting to eliminate the life growing inside them? Why are there so many women unexpectedly pregnant? Have they not learned how this happens? Its not the water! Yet, millions are caught by surprise each year.

Its easy for a someone in a stable committed relationship to suggest that a woman should keep and raise her child. All she has to do is hear that precious heartbeat and she'll commit her life to this child. Ah, hardly! Its easy to suggest she'll be better off to have the baby and then give it up. It's an easy solution to someone who's never been there. Whether eliminating it by abortion or giving it up for adoption, the guilt is long lasting.

The argument should not be whether or not a women should be allowed to abort her baby. The argument should be to how to eliminate the need for her to abort her baby.

People by the thousands are trying to stop women from walking into an abortion clinics. Where were they before she got pregnant?  Was anyone around to help this women not get pregnant?  How many abortion clinics would there be if women were able to prevent an accidental pregnancy?  Where is the argument over prevention?  Is the only answer to prevention government provided birth control pills?  Is it realistic to expect women and men to abstain when they are bombarded with temptation at every turn?  Even those most dedicated to abstinence fail.  

The answer is not whether she should have the legal right to eliminate an unwanted child.  The answer is to train a women to have as much respect for herself as we expect her to show others.  She needs to learn to love herself enough to prevent future pain.  As parents we need to train our daughters to look at the consequences that may occur from their actions.  As individuals, we need to take the initiative to mentor a young girl who’s parent has shirked their responsibility.