We all remember watching the Tanner family on the sitcom Full House. Each week we would gather to see what the family was up to next. As we grew up watching Full House we almost felt like we became a part of thefamily. It was the most misunderstood facets or myths of the sitcom is the house that was used as the family home.

Alamo Square (Post Card Row)

Many people believe that the family home was one of the “Painted Ladies” sitting across from Alamo Square. Alamo Square is where the family was shown having a picnic. Many of us assumed wrongly that one of the dwelling across from the park is where they lived. This is wrong although it is cool to visit SF and see the homes across from Alamo Park because they are instantly recognizable from the opening credits of the television show Full House. The block of homes here are often referred to as Post Card Row because they are so familiar and often appear on San Francisco postcards.

1882 Girard St. in S. Francisco

In one episode of Full House the family house was mentioned to be located at 1882 Girard Street in SFrancisco. This is an actual address in San Francisco but definitely not the Tanner family home.

1709 Broderick Street

The actual show was filmed mainly inside of a studio: however, the outside shots of the Tanner house are an actual dwelling. 1709 - Broderick Street is the location of the home that was used for the external shots of the building. 1709 Broderick Street has become a huge tourist attraction. It is located at 1709 -- Broderick Street in San Francisco is lived in by real people but there is constantly tourists who stop outside and take pictures of the home. 

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