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It was season number 3 for Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and southern hospitality was replaced by southern hostility. Disagreements between the women seemed to be the rule rather than the exception. The ladies went through some major life changes, with marriages, divorces, new relationships and the birth of a baby.  For a few the stress of change may have been the reason for the unpleasant moods. The show itself also went through a small change, adding two new cast members to the mix.

The housewife at the top of the hostility list was none other than season one most popular alumni, NeNe Leaks. Her aggression was apparent from the first episode where she read Dwight the riot act, to mid season when she had some choice words about new cast mate, Phaedra, to the final few episodes when she verbally attacked Kim.

This season, NeNe was tougher than a one eared alley cat and her personality went through a metamorphoses.  Her self-confidence came across as arrogance and she was dispirited, sighing “I want my happy back.”  Whatever it was that made her so blue seemed to be ingrained within her. She underwent plastic surgery, “fixing” herself outwardly; if she really wants her “happy back” she needs to look inward.     

One issue where NeNe may have a majority of the sympathy vote is with her husband Greg.  He made a business deal, unbeknownst to her and borrowed money from her one time good buddy, Dwight. The amount of money was said to be anywhere from $500 to $10,000, depending on who told the story. Heated arguments ensued when she found out about the deal and later on in the season after Greg gave an online interview, saying some not so nice things about his bride.  During the reunion show NeNe confirmed the couple was in the process of a divorce.

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NeNe also clashed with new cast member, Phaedra, over an issue of whether the two knew each other prior to being cast together on The Real Housewives.  NeNe called Phaedra “Fake-dra” because she claimed Phaedra lied about knowing her in an interview.  Phaedra disclosed that not only had they grown-up in the same small town, but NeNe called her a few years ago to inquire about getting on a reality TV program staring Phaedra’s client, singer, Bobby Brown. NeNe admitted she did call Phaedra, but maintained the two did not know each other. The issue of NeNe’s age was also discussed with Phaedra appearing to imply NeNe was older than she let on, or as the saying goes; “Older than the mountains and got twice as much dust.”

Another quarrel NeNe had this season was with one time BF, “Tardy for the Party” Kim Zolciak. When the season first began, it seemed as if these two had buried the hatchet (from their last argument) and all was well.  The bliss only lasted a few episodes and their current argument seems to have ended the friendship permanently. 

The bone of contention was allegedly over the way Kim (who is Caucasian) spoke to her assistant “Sweetie” (who is African American). The argument took place while Kim was on a bus tour to promote new music with fellow singer/songwriter, and housewife, Kandi Burruss. Kim invited NeNe to join them on the last leg of the tour and the morning after watching Kim perform, NeNe seemed extremely agitated.  She began lashing out at Kim, throwing verbal jabs and shouting she would not tolerate the way Kim spoke to Sweetie. She then said Kim acted as though Sweetie was her “slave” and the comment opened the door for a racial undertone to the issue.  A few other cast mates interjected their opinions about the issue; however, none were as vocal or as verbally accosting towards Kim as NeNe.  For Kim’s part, she asserts that she “sees no color” and Sweetie has been her assistant and close family friend for several years. 

(*Note; I don’t believe NeNe’s anger is solely a result of the issue with Sweetie. NeNe’s fury towards Kim is so venomous there must be other issues involved. In season one NeNe became angry when Kim formed a friendship with Sheree Whitfield, however, it is what Kim did in season two that I believe festered within NeNe and finally erupted in season three. In my opinion, NeNe’s fuse was lit when Kim rescinded her offer to have NeNe sing along with her on “Tardy for the Party.”)

Believe it or not, there were other women on the show besides NeNe.  The two new ladies to join the cast were Phaedra Parks, the managing partner of the Parks Group, and Cynthia Bailey, a fashion model, who resides in Atlanta. Phadria, the show’s “Southern Belle,” had the ladies buzzing as rumors spread after they learned of her husband’s incarceration.  In addition, she could not escape the gossip about her pregnancy when it was clear that she was further along than she claimed.  A cute and comical moment occurred when Phadria saw her sweet new born for the first time, immediately after being born via c-section, her first words were “Oh gross!”  Not something a new mommy normally says. For Cynthia, her storyline was her pending nuptials and her fiancé’s financial issues.

For housewives Sheree Whitfield and Kandi Burruss, they were both moving on with their lives after past relationships.  For Sheree it was buying an Aston Martin (which has since been seized to pay off a legal debt), launching an acting career and dating again after the finalization of her divorce.  For Kandi, it was throwing herself into her work, producing a new artist, and also dating again after the death of her fiancé. 

Kim Zolciak persisted with her “singing” career and thanks to Kandi, she was able to record a new song and perform at some live events. The release date of her single, “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing” is pending as lawyers sort things out. There was an issue with the royalties from Tardy for the Party and so all financial issues are now handled between Kandi and Kim’s lawyers.

Kim also began a new relationship with Atlanta Falcons Defensive End, Kroy Biermann; they met at a charity dance benefit, after she was attracted to his Georgia peach (derrière). The couple seems to be enjoying the bliss of Southern comfort and they are expecting the birth of a child.

Confucius said “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”  For the rest of us, change is inevitable, and that’s what we saw on season three, the season of change for The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


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