Hundreds of millions of children around the world have grown up playing with Lego building blocks and out of those kids, I bet a very large portion of them have dreamed of building some form of a full sized vehicle out of their legos.

Well, one overgrown kid appears to have done the closest thing to building his very own Lego car, he has completely covered what looks to be a Toyota Tercel with Lego blocks. I'd imagine this must have taken an extremely long time to accomplish.

For the sake of the guy who built this Lego Toyota, I sure hope he is married, as I'd imagine first dates would not leave the best first impression when pulling up to pickup your date!

The Real Lego Car

This picture has me wondering if having a car covered in glued on Lego is even legal? Imagine going 75 miles an hour down the freeway and a few of those buggers flying off and connecting with your car or windshield. Seems like bad news to me!