Have you ever noticed how, at times, real estate agents are the most optimistic people on the earth? The agents seem to be little rays of sunshine, expectant of new things, or in one word: idealistic.

Agents are always talking about what will happen. It's all about the roads that will be built. Also the store that will change the community you're living in. They are quick to point out how things are always going to improve, and how this piece of real estate is a real investment in the future. Are these certified promises? Or are they idle hopes meant to wet your appetite for the future you might have? The reality of investing in real estate can often be quite a different picture from the one your agent paints for you. You may be thinking though, what is the danger of being so optimistic?

Optimism never hurt anyone... that's what they said on the Titanic when they used the glacier shards that had just hit the boat for ice cubes in their mixed drinks. When buying real estate remember and apply this stead fast and fundamental rule: What you see is what you get.

Once you have signed the contract, your stuck with exactly what you see. No matter how amazing and bright your real estate agent makes the future look for your newly bought property, remember this. The agent gets a commission for each property he sells. So there is always the distinct possibility that they will try to make the promises sound better than the contract.

This isn't a pessimistic way of thinking. It's more like a realistic view of the future. Don't buy a property based off of the word of honor from your agent that seems to be too good to be true. Pay attention to the details around you, then base you decision off what you see, not what someone tells you. If you are investing in real estate to secure your wealth and protect your future, you will want to take a long hard look at any investment you make and understand the reality of the situation.