Visual of Time-Consciousness

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Genesis 2:15

This implies that the lower masculine consciousness (man) was intended to be conjoined with the lower female subconscious (garden) and that they are to work in harmony together, and that the analytical lower consciousness is responsible for deciphering what the abstract lower consciousness brings to its attention.

Genesis 2:16-17

This is the author's way of foreshadowing what eventually goes wrong with humanity. He is saying that in the Beginning, humans could "eat from any tree" except for the one that gives knowledge of Good and Evil or Duality. When it says "thou shalt surely die" it is not literal. What it means is to die spiritually. To lose connection with God and to have the conscious ability to commit evil acts or recognize them from others and experience a fear of things in the distant future.

It continues with its symbology of individual human life as well because as we all know that as you get older, you become more aware of the difference between Good and Evil.

Genesis 2:18

These lines talk about mankind's first steps to raising their awareness of an even fuller reality. Remember the literal forms of man and woman have already been created back towards the beginning of Genesis on the 6th day. So when it implies that God wants to make him a help mate, it's obviously not describing the first creation of a literal woman or animals, because they already existed and humans already were given dominion over them.

Genesis 2:19-20

Notice how it is no longer "man", but instead "Adam". This represents the transformation from lower masculine consciousness to higher masculine consciousness. At this point in the story, humans are just beginning to become much more aware and conscious. They used their masculine aspect which consists of critical thinking and analyzing to start becoming aware of all the animals and other things surrounding them beyond their immediate perceptions of reality. Mankind has now entered into its "Adam" stage. We have a NAME for ourselves in the story now, just like the animals now have names.

The author is now finally describing the beginning stages of what truly separates man from beast and toddler from young adult or teen: awareness. He is not literally saying God formed all the beasts at this time, he is making a reference to the first time humanity became consciously aware that there are tons of animals out there that have no connection to their personal lives. The most primitive humans were likely only aware of the animals in their immediate vicinity, or the ones they hunted or ran away from, and put very little thought into why they exist, how many different species there are, or the fact that they exist even when one isn't looking at them.

As an example, think of a group of gorillas in remote Africa who have never in their life witnessed a human, suddenly becoming aware there are humans out there, and dolphins in the seas they never thought of, and birds of prey flying beyond the canopy they rarely see. This all signifies the separation of man and beast, bringing man up to a level above said beasts and giving him the masculine conscious ability to identify a multitude of things and name them. Just like when a kid begins to see things around him in a broader sense and can begin identifying them with names.

Also, think about how all the mythology pre-dating the Bible is surrounded with animal-themed Gods. In addition to all of this, the current theory of evolution says that awareness of other animals is what first made humans smart enough to evolve the way we did and surpass them on the food chain.

At the very end, it implies that identifying what humans see in front of them is not enough. The Adam aspect of the mind needs a partner still, a consciously abstract partner: Woman.

Genesis 2:21-23

Here we go, so far we have introduced 3 out of the 4 aspects of consciousness: the Lower Masculine and Feminine (man + Garden), and the Higher Masculine (Adam). Now it's time to bring in the last piece of the puzzle, the Higher Feminine. And what better way to introduce a Feminine aspect of consciousness than through SLEEP, where you dream or meditate!

As for the rib, I am not as confident in deciphering it as I am with the rest of the story. I believe it has to do with deep breathing exercises during meditation practices. In other words, the Higher Feminine aspect--Woman--was sprouted during a deep meditation that put the analytical mind (man) into a sleep-like trance, or it was created through natural dream cycles. It appears to describe how God GAVE us the ability of deep meditation and lucid dreaming, by introducing it to our lower male consciousness (man) while it is turned off or asleep, and identifying it with our Higher consciousness (Adam) when it is awake.

At this point in the timeline of the story, it is comparable to the first discovery of intentional meditation. The first time people realized they could meditate for long periods of time and go on crazy mental trips, thus allowing them to expand their awareness by using their Higher Masculine aspect--Adam--to analyze it all and identify it when they are awake and conscious.

In 2:23, it implies that Adam is aware of the woman and acknowledges the she (Higher subconscious) was taken out of Man (lower conscious). He goes out of his way to give her a generic name of Woman, further implications of his new level of awareness of Her. So now humans are becoming aware that they can intentionally put themselves in meditation and its not just something that happens when they're sleepy at night time or dehydrated during the day. Woman is the Higher form of the Garden. The Garden referred to simple, abstract, seemingly accidental thoughts, whereas Woman symbolizes abstract dreams and intentional meditative contemplations.

Genesis 2:24-25

This line is saying that if a man leaves his father and mother (i.e. the Higher masculine leaves the Lower male and female aspects that created their original reality) and joins his wife (the Higher Feminine aspect) he will be "One" or "complete". In other words, in the Beginning there were people who were very primitive and ignorant to the broader scope of reality and susceptible to predators and dangers (using only the mother and father--or 2 lower forms of consciousness), but later there were also the smarter, peaceful people who raised themselves to a higher consciousness and began to evolve mentally and spiritually (ditched the primitive "parent" forms of consciousness to join the wife as a way focus on only the two Higher forms).

It also makes further implications about a lack of ego at this time with the fact that the two aspects of Higher consciousness were naked and not ashamed. This tells us that there was no ego attributed to the conjoining of the two Higher forms of consciousness, and since there was no ego, there was no selfishness, so they continued working in peace together.

This level of consciousness is referred to as "Christ consciousness" in other mythology which is a term that pre-dates the Bible. Both levels of Higher consciousness are working in harmony together as One and humanity is peacefully evolving with love for each other and the Creator/Creation and not so much about themselves personally.

To summarize this before moving to Chapter 3 of Genesis, we have determined the following.

  1. LORD God ("He Causes to Become") created human consciousness through his own meditation (CONCEPTION/CREATION)
  2. Humans then began birthing their own reality from the Lower analytical male consciousness (man), impregnating, or being placed in, the Lower abstract female subconsciousness (Garden of Eden) (INFANCY/CAVEMAN YEARS)
  3. Humans then moved up to a higher awareness of reality by using their Higher analytical male consciousness (Adam) to identify a broader scope of their surroundings (all animals being identified and named) (CHILDHOOD/TEEN YEARS/REALIZING THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN THE CAVE)
  4. Humans then moved up again to an even higher awareness of reality by discovering and identifying meditation practices and dream states (Woman) (YOUNG ADULTHOOD/EXPLORING OUTSIDE OF THE CAVE AND EVOLVING).
  5. Once humans get to this stage and they let go of their Lower conscious selves (mother and father), they are living in bliss and harmony.(LEAVING PARENTS AND JOINING WIFE/BUILDING LIFE OUTSIDE OF CAVE)

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