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Genesis 3:11-12

Keep in mind, this is not literally God actually talking to a literal Adam or Eve. This is just the author's own allegory of how humanity came into its current existence at the time it was written. Or, if you want to look at it literaly, this LORD God (He Causes To Become) is actually meditating this stuff into existence. Either way, in his way of looking at things, whether God is real or not, no human should have ever gotten to that point of awareness because all it did was create evil. He thinks, and I agree in some ways, that we should have stayed at that happy medium where we were living in harmony together and every thought we had was good. So in this allegory, God plays the part of the author in a sense, because it's a metaphorical story, and not a literal historical account. If you don't keep reminding yourself this, the metaphors become confusing.

Imagine being the first person in your village to realize you could cook up some scheme to convince them that you are a god and deserve to be worshipped, or plot to covertly terrorize them all and steal all their cool stuff. You would have an overwhelming sense empowerment and guilt all at once. You would realize that you have more power than you thought and it would probably make you feel like you accidentally meditated "too much" and stumbled upon something crazy--the Knowledge of the Gods.

Genesis 3:13

Here we have continued metaphorical questioning from "God", now being directed to the subconscious. The subconscious justifies itself by basically saying it didn't know any better, or it assumed it would be ok. It is like saying that since the serpent, or kundalini energy, or cobra poison, beguiled (charmed/tricked) the subconscious mind into delving into such deep thought that the human host became aware of Good and Evil.

This may be hard to understand from our point of view because we have the awareness of Good and Evil while we read this story thanks to our ancestors who meditated it into existence 3000 years ago. You have to change your perspective to the tense it was written in. You have to look at it from what we now would call a primitive person's point of view. Do you see primitive people in remote Africa fighting over money, plotting to kill each other, or being embarrassed about their nudity? Of course not, because they are living in peace and harmony with both forms of lower consciousness working together like in the Beginning of this story.

It's hard to imagine what a tribe would look like if they were working with both forms of HIGHER consciousness together, because our ancestors apparently meditated too much and as a result nearly everybody eventually became aware of Good and Evil. Perhaps the Old Kingdom of Egypt and Ancient Greece are good places to consider though. No internal wars, tons of mathematical and astrological knowledge, ridiculously intelligent and abstract allegorical ways of thinking, all working together in peace and harmony to build civilizations.

There are people we now call "hippies" and monks who live in peace and harmony together in communities, though, and by comparison to primitive African tribes, I would have to say they are probably the closest examples of humans living with both Higher forms of consciousness working in harmony, even though they are aware of Good and Evil, and towards the end I will explain why that is possible through Christ.

Genesis 3:14

This verse symbolizes the human condemning the serpent--or the kundalini energy/cobra poison--back to its base chakra of the spine. The human is frightened and upset at his new revelation and knowledge of Good and Evil and shuns the deep meditation for the rest of his life, or if he does choose to meditate again, it will never be the same.

Genesis 3:15

The human will naturally put enmity (animosity) between the kundalini energy and the feminine subconsciousness, between its power(seed) and the feminine's power (seed). The bruising of the head and heel signifies the bruising of the energy at its highest and lowest levels and the human realizing there is evil in the world and it's not all happiness like he thought before, and now there is no turning back (until he achieves Christ consciousness, which appears later in the Bible).

Genesis 3:16

This verse represents how once you are aware of Evil, your feminine subconscious thoughts become more sorrowful. Conception refers to the birthing of thoughts, so that explains why after learning of such knowledge, your thoughts will naturally multiply because you'll have so many more things to think about. And the "bringing forth of the children" refers to acting on said thoughts that are now laced with sorrow.

When it says "thy desire shall be to thy husband and that he shall rule over thee", it is not literally saying "man is to rule over woman". It is symbolizing how from then on were are dominated by our masculine consciousness, rather than them working in harmony. We are dominated more by our conscious primal thoughts than our subconsious abstract thoughts. This is basically saying we lost touch with God once we became aware of our own power. From that point on, the masculine consciousness would rule over the feminine consciousness and the primal lower masculine urges like violence and sex will be exacerbated due to the unbalance and newfound Ego.

This is actually true when looking at history also. The masculine left-brained world has only led to hurting the planet and hurting humanity. If all humans could use their feminine in harmony with the masculine, instead of allowing the masculine to rule over the feminine, the Bible never would have been interpreted literally and caused the false assumption that men are to literally rule over women, or that it is a sin for a man to lie with another man, or that Christ is a literal person who we feel the need to kill other people over.

On the other end of the spectrum, had people been using both sides of their brain when interpreting science, we wouldn't be destroying the earth relentlessly for our own selfish benefits. We would understand the importance of nature and know not to continue deforestation or oil drilling. The only way to go back to using them in harmony now is to achieve Christ consciousness, and the Bible obviously talks about that much later on.

Genesis 3:17

Now the punishment comes to the masculine conscious. Keep in mind that it is symbolic. It is not God literally handing out a punishment, this is a natural punishment that humans give themselves unwittingly by first realizing Good and Evil or Duality. First it implies that the analytical masculine mind should not have allowed the subconscious feminine mind to bring those thoughts into its awareness in the first place. Then it says that the ground is cursed and it will eat sorrow for the remainder of its days. This could symbolize the fact that from then on, the analytical mind will be cursed to having basic (ground) thoughts laced with sorrow due to the newfound knowledge of Evil.

Genesis 3:18

This symbolizes the mental pain and anguish the human feels from the newfound negative thoughts that plague him. Remember this is when Good and Evil existed, but there were no laws yet made to let people know which thoughts were good and which ones were evil. Anything perceived as "bad" happening in those days was chalked up to an act of nature or God, not humanity. This is hard to comprehend nowadays, but it must have been a mental struggle at the time it first happened.

Genesis 3:19

The analytical mind has lost connection with God and has returned to the dust or ground level of consciousness, no longer living in peace and harmony with the feminine.

Here's something interesting. Remember how we made the connection between the Serpent and Cobra Poison used to cause intense mental experiences? Look at the beginning of the verse again. "In the sweat of thy face"....does that not sound like someone having a hard trip from cobra poison? How about this: "thou shalt eat bread, till thou return unto the ground"...if you have drank too much cobra poison, you eat bread to soak it up and calm down the trip. Coincidence?

Genesis 3:20

The Higher male analytical mind now does its job and identifies that it was the Higher female abstract mind that births its reality, and thus gives it a name, "Eve". Need I mention why "eve" is the word now used to describe night time? Night time of course being feminine, lunar symbolism. Eve is the mother of all living, because our Higher feminine consciousness is what births and expands our perception of reality after ascending beyond the limited use of the Lower levels of consciousness.

Genesis 3:21

This describes the new realization of ego and how it will forever overshadow or "clothe" the male and female aspects of consciousness. Now all the thoughts one has will naturally be laced with ego-driven desires thanks to the humans newfound knowledge he accidentally stumbled upon.

Genesis 3:22-24

These last 3 lines symbolize how once the analytical mind (man) is aware of Good and Evil, Duality and Ego, it will be much harder to become aware of the true meaning of Life, or to put other creature's Lives ahead of his own. The Tree of Life is placed at "the east of the Garden" which means in the feminine consciousness. But now that the analytical mind has become aware of Ego and is "ruling over" the feminine mind, it will be almost impossible to re-connect with God and discover the Tree of Life. So the analytical mind is forced to go "till the ground from whence he was taken", which basically translates to the masculine mind being no longer ascending the way it was before, but rather mosying around, lost, in its lower "ground" level.

It doesn't say it in this story, but later in the Bible it tells us how we can go back to that harmonious level of Higher consciousness even with the awareness of Good and Evil by achieving Christ consciousness. The Jesus character symbolized peace and love, he encouraged positive meditation (prayer) by projecting love to the Creator while doing it, and seeking within for answers.

To achieve Christ consciousness is to meditate and live life with Love and Peace rather than Evil and Selfishness, and re-joining the masculine and feminine together. It is not about believing in a literal blonde-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned Arab with a Greek name that literally died for our sins. That being said, it almost works by default in some cases because you are at least doing the right thing by meditating or "praying" with Love and living life with Love. The problem is when you take the story literally and cause wars over it, because that is all ego and goes against the true Word of God and message of Christ.

By achieving Christ consciousness, we can re-connect with God and discover the Tree of Life within our feminine consciousness, and start living in harmony rather than chaos. This, however, doesn't even begin to unravel the symbolic significance of the Bible and Christ. There is much, much more to be discussed.

The entire remainder of the Bible is all allegories for how humans continued to deal with their newfound awareness. From the 10 commandments, to Jacob's ladder, the Tribe of Judah setting up camp in the East, the birth of Christ, the death and resurrection of Christ, the mustard seed parable, and so many more. The Bible was written by super-intelligent mystics and astrologers and it is obvious why they chose to write in allegorical form. In those days, Knowledge was Power.

And besides all that, look at how many words it took me to actually explain what this short Adam and Eve story actually means! Now you know why allegories are so cool! They can make 7000 words by only using 500!