There are many advantages to installing replacement doors and windows into your home instead of those single glazed timber windows that have been there for a long, long time. Quality aluminium, timber or uPVC doors and windows are the green option that is open to homeowners and they would do well to consider these energy efficient options sooner rather than later.

Fuel prices are rising worldwide and look set to continue in this direction. The only option open to homeowners that want to keep their home running costs down is to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, thereby meaning that they will have to use less fuel and power in order to heat and cool their property.

There are various ways a property owner can improve the thermal capacity of a property. Improving the insulation of the entire property is the best way and to do this an owner should look at the parts of the home that lose heat, namely the walls roof and windows. Cladding can be placed on walls in order to improve their ability to retain heat and attics can be insulated. Windows however, if they are under-performing probably need to be replaced.

There is an option of installing secondary glazing into homes, if a homeowner is under severe budget restraints, or if a planning authority will not allow the windows of a home to be changed. Secondary glazing involves placing a second sheet of glazing inside the existing windows and thereby creating an air pocket that will help to improve the insulation of the window unit somewhat. Unfortunately this procedure is not at all as successful as replacing the windows entirely.

Some people shy away from window replacement as they feel that it is a very expensive home improvement project. While it is true the quality windows and doors do not come cheap, you have to bear in mind the savings that can be made over the longer term by having a properly insulated home. And that is if oil prices remain at their current levels. If these prices rise even further and if for example, carbon taxes are introduced for residences, then having windows that lose heat will be considered almost a crime.

Replacement doors and windows are one of the best ways to begin to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. There are other way as we have already mentioned, but if you start with your doors and windows and get those right, you will be well on the way towards improving your living comfort, towards making your home less of a burden on the planet and also towards saving yourself quite a bit of money.