Happy appearance woman

Fifteen years ago, breast enlargement surgery was out of reach for most women as only the rich and famous could afford it. However, that has all changed and breast enlargement is now common place. The number of breast enlargement procedures performed in the UK continues to increase rapidly but what are the reasons as to why women choose to undergo breast enlargement surgery?

The main underlying reason as to what makes women decide to have breast enlargement surgery is quite simple. It is so that they feel better about themselves because they feel better about their appearance. The beneficial side effects often include improved self confidence and improved self esteem. The question then becomes: "Why did women, who have had breast implant surgery, feel unhappy about their breasts beforehand?" There are many reasons for this; we shall look at some of the most common ones.

Childbirth and breastfeeding can result in one or more of the following: a loss in breast tissue, asymmetrical breasts, sagging of the breasts and changes in breast shape. Many women turn to cosmetic surgery after childbirth in order to help them restore their shape and feel good about their body and themselves again.

As we all know, with age, gravity starts to kick in and the breasts begin to sag. This is usually accompanied by a gradual loss in breast tissue. Breast augmentation surgery offers a quick fix by increasing the breast volume, pertness and shape.

We come in all different shapes and sizes and we can only play the cards that we are dealt with. Well not now! Women who have naturally small breasts are one of the main groups of those opting for breast implant surgery. For many of these women, their breast size will have played on their minds since their early teens. Enhancing their breast size is usually a huge psychological boost to how these women feel about themselves and also to their self confidence. Also in this category are those women who have lost weight or body fat and have found that their breast volume has dropped substantially. Since breast tissue is mainly fat, the effects of reducing body fat through diet and exercise can be quite noticeable upon the breasts.

Congenital defects and irregular breast shape can be a determining factor. Some women are unhappy with the shape of their breasts, some were born with asymmetrical breasts and others have congenital breasts defects. Again, these are reasons why women may turn to breast augmentation surgery in order to improve their appearance and how they feel about themselves.

Some women may be unfortunate enough to experience a traumatic event that affects their breasts. Breast cancer, for example, may result in a full or partial mastectomy being required. In others, disease or infection may lead to deformity whereas others may experience an accident such as a car crash which results in damage to their breasts. Such traumatic events are all potential reasons for women to choose breast implant surgery in order to restore their appearance. Women who fall into this category often recover more quickly from the psychological effects of their trauma if they choose to undergo corrective surgery.

There are many other factors as to why women may feel the need for breast implant surgery. It may be to satisfy the desire of a partner for example or due to pressure or expectations from others. Some reasons are questionable but let us leave ethics for another day!