Hiring a law firm to do the legal procedures of your business is a must. It helps you avoid legal problems in the future and will keep your business on track in regards to legal procedures. But, on rare occasions, the law firm that you've hired for your business isn't doing their jobs. Furthermore, you noticed little signs that you're paying them for nothing, and might cause you further legal damages in the future. So, what are these red flags that every business owner should watch out for?


1.      The firm's lawyers suddenly goes on a vacation. Figuratively speaking, this means that you can't contact any member of your business' law firm. Whenever you need some advice or legal help, it takes a long time for them to get back to you. Furthermore, your business' legal cases that they were handling had been in-lined on court for a long time without any results.

2.      More fees, less work. At this point, you might start noticing that your law firm is charging your business higher and higher fees, yet the job done is getting less. You are even charged of simple things like copies of documents, transport fees, and extra expenses. You might be even shocked that you haven't heard from your law firm for a long time, yet the fees continue to load up.

3.      The firm you chose to hire doesn't have specialization on specific fields. They are proud to be a master of all trades, which makes their jobs less accurate and can be full of mistakes. You might even believe that you hired the best people for the job, only to find out that none of them are experts on the said field.

4.      In case of problems or advises, they tend to pass you from one partner to another reasoning that these people are more well-known about the certain field. In the end, you just end up with a vague knowledge about the case.

5.      And lastly, from the day you hired the law firm, your business hasn't even prospered in terms of labor, taxes, and finances. You might be even shocked when you discovered that you've spent more than what your business earns. The revenues isn't adding up to the total costs, and you are beginning to lose some important assets and capitals.


When you have a feeling that your law firm is making some of these red flags, better investigate immediately. Learn the source of the problem and if the law firm you hired is hurting your business instead of helping it, FIRE them. You don't need free-loaders in your business who act like parasites and suck you clean. Find yourself a trustworthy and reliable law firm that provides the specific needs of your business.