There are many improvements to the new Xbox 360 Slim compared to the last generation. It uses a superior chip than the Jasper on the previous model; the Valhala chip, allowing your system to run cooler while using less power; it has a smaller, space-saving power brick than previous model; it has 2 extra USB ports, 5 in total; and simply looks tons better with it's sleek glossy, mouth-watering shiny black finish. But the most important enhancement of the Xbox 360 Slim is the eradication of the Red Ring of Death (RROD). Yes, you'll still have a red warning light appear on your console if a problem arises - termed the red dot of death - but Microsoft has turned a disastrous situation into a mild inconvenience.

Usually, when trying to fix the RROD on older models, you had to break out the power tools and disassemble your console. Either that, or you gave it the spa treatment, cozily draping your Xbox using the "towel trick". And if that didn't work, you'd ship it out to the Microsoft wizards in hopes they'd finally plunge the ring into the fiery depths of Mordor. However you fixed it, it typically required extensive, sometimes silly methods of getting your console back in working order. Well, that's not going to be necessary anymore. The red dot of death, isn't that deadly. Basically all that happens is your Xbox 360 Slim will display a screen notifying you that it'll be shutting off because of overheating.

Of course, since they've just put the new Xbox 360 Slim on sale last summer, it may be too soon to say this console is problem free. But surely we won't need a reference to mortality to describe the above situation. Perhaps we can term it "Red Dot of Annoyance", or "Red Dot of Nuisance". It won't gain the popularity RROD achieved in the previous models. There won't be songs or skits dedicated to this issue on YouTube. And you won't find tons of websites or volumes of articles with "how to fix" information. It's just something you'd rather not happen.

Since overheating is still a problem, there are common sense actions you can take to prevent any ventilation issues. Heatsinks installed in your 360 Slim help radiate and disperse the heat, but you can help by placing your Xbox in a cool place and taking breaks every so often. Don't keep it in a cabinet or enclosed area. There aren't really any Xbox 360 cooling mods available for the Slim, so unless you're technically savvy and can fabricate a homemade one, you'll have to take note of the warning signs - when the Xbox tells you it's shutting down and not to turn it on until the light stops flashing - take the advice. It's really simple, if you take care of your console, you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come. And perhaps, it won't need to meet its maker (Microsoft).