How obesity affects an individual's standing in society

The relationship between weight problems and society's perception on an individual

The physical self conveys a message that describes a person's upbringing and personality. It tells how a person takes care of his/her body and depicts the surroundings that influence the development of body physique. In essence, how a person's body looks tells her place in the society. Thus, it doesn't need more critical thinking why Hollywood celebrities place great emphasis on how they look.

Society has become accustomed with the notion that the skinnier you are the more beautiful and sexy you look. That is why most girls parts of the world patronize fad diet regimens and exercise vigorously to attain the "ideal" shape. However, if we extensively analyze this idea, we can ultimately arrive at the conclusion that this is pure misconception. On the far side of the world, particularly in Africa, people are starving that they are not able to eat a good meal for days.

Painstaking dieting is a shallow idea if we place this beside the fact that people go hungry around the world each day. The simple truth exists that some people overeat; thus, if at the onset we regulate our intake of food and distributFat Diet Regimen To Lose Weighte the excess supply of food to the "hungry" countries, we can alleviate the suffering of these hungry people, consequentially there would be no need for dieting.

The media is overly saturated with showbiz news, celebrity facts, fad diets, exercise regimens, and shallow ways of life that it forgets the plight of the hungry people. These people need more help than those who are just shedding their extra fats for the sake of good bodies. Hungry people need our attention and help because their lives hang in the balance because of food shortages.

Let us not forget that the people who are trying to be skinnier are much better off than those in the heartlands of Africa. Hungry people don't care how they look and how society views their beauty or physique, they just need food to survive the daily rigors of life. They mostly need our help.