As I work to rebuild my Adsense earnings higher I also get to reflect on what I lost. I was forced to sell my “Ernie” account. It was worth more than I sold it for but I needed the money quickly. Although I had to sell my “Ernie” account on InfoBarrel the choices I have made since that fateful day have changed my life forever…in a hugely positive way. The one thing I can definitely take away from this event of selling my Ernie account is that I love passive income and I miss my Adsense checks. This new account of mine here still has a ways to go until I get it over 900 articles like I had my Ernie account. It will take a while because I am so busy writing articles for other people. With that in mind I also have a lot of motivation to build this account up much faster and to a level much higher than I had the Ernie account at.

My goal is to get my InfoBarrel earnings to $1,000. I am not upset that I sold my account because it is something I had to do, and it worked out great. I do however miss my old account. It was not just the money, but I spent so much time with the account that I feel saddened by it like I would running into an old buddy who I was no longer friends with.

When times like this occur that I begin to get sad about it I think about how I was able to change my life around since the sale and I am truly grateful to the person who bought the account off of me and did so quickly. It truly helped me out a lot. Now my goal is to take “Gonzo” to $1,000 a month.

InfoBarrel is like a religion. There is a general path that we all take and we can all gather on this website everyday like when you go to Church on Sunday. As with religion it is also a highly personal choice of the way you go about it. Some people quit swearing when they get active in Church and others will keep on swearing but still be active. There is no right or wrong way to go about InfoBarrel either as long as you are adding new articles to your account on a regular basis and if you ever get desperate for money you can always sell your InfoBarrel account. It is much easier and safer to sell an InfoBarrel account then to rob a bank.

In the end I am grateful that I had the opportunity to sell my old InfoBarrel account so I could get some fast cash that I needed desperately. Since that transaction I have had multiple blessings appear. I am excited about building this InfoBarrel account up. I know that InfoBarrel is not a religion, but it sure feels like one to me. When I was desperate for some quick cash I was able to turn to my “Church” and get the money I needed by selling my old account. If it was not for this asset of owning an InfoBarrel account that brought in a Check from Adsense each month I would have had nothing else left I could have sold. Thank you InfoBarrel!